Articles by Patrik Oskarsson

Patrik Ossakarson is a research professor at SLU, Sweden. His present research examines coal mining and land use in ongoing energy expansions in India and Mozambique, and the possibilities to tackle environmental pollution via participatory environmental monitoring.

[The article has been co-authored by Devanshi Chanchani, an independent social science researcher based in Bengaluru.] Poor air quality is a topic that is dominating minds and discourse throughout the country, especially now that winter is around the corner. To people with experiences from cleaner environments abroad, the contrast in air quality becomes ever more palpable and stark upon returning to India. To examine the possibilities of breathing healthy while on a visit to the city of Raipur, we decided to try out an air purifier from a company called Smart Air. The DIY Air Purifier from Smart Air appealed…

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