Articles by Palash Shakya

Palash Shakya is currently a research intern at People’s Resource Centre (PRC) and a graduate student at TISS Mumbai. This article was written with support from members of the PRC. It has also been benefitted from contribution and feedback from Geetanjali Gurlhosur.

As a student of history, I was inquisitive about the evolution of the BEST bus services of Mumbai. My quest for truth eventually landed me at the BEST Bus Museum located at Anik Depot in Sion. Although it highlights the deep and enriching history of the evolution of the city’s transport system, I was disheartened by the dilapidated conditions of not only the museum, but also the cluttered and filthy workplace. Not much has changed since then. Instead of bringing in reforms to initiate a healthy working environment culture, there have been proposals to privatise the space. This is a…

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