Articles by Nishad Kassim

Nishad Kassim is Director, Health & Rehab, APD, Nishad is an Autism Fitness specialist and Neuro-Developmental therapy expert. He has 15 years of clinical expertise in treating children with special needs and spinal injuries.

About eight and half years ago, Roshni* noticed that her toddler, Karan*, had started to fall back on his milestones. A visit to the paediatrician led to Karan being diagnosed with mild autism. “From then on, it’s been a long journey,” says Roshni. The dedicated parents have taken Karan to numerous intervention centres and therapists, but keeping this going financially was proving to be a burden. That is when someone referred Roshni to The Association of People with Disability (APD), an NGO that has been working for underprivileged people with disability since 1959. Roshni approached APD in March this year,…

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