Articles by Lalitha Mohan

The author is active citizen of ward 18 and Co-founder and Trustee of Jwalamukhi Trust and Co Founder and Trustee of Citizens for Sustainability ( CiFoS) Jwalamukhi programme trains school students to become socially responsible citizens and future social leaders. It sensitises them towards the different civic, environmental and social issues that we face today.

I don’t drive a four wheeler. I don’t ride a two wheeler. I don’t even cycle. I WALK everywhere in my neighbourhood, Sanjaynagar, for all my daily needs. Hence I understand the need for good, walkable footpaths. Which are essential to motivate citizens to get off their vehicles and choose to walk, at least short distances. When I heard about BBMP allocating Rs 20 lakhs to each ward for footpath improvement, where the footpath was to be identified by the ward residents, I was thrilled and looking forward to being a part of this initiative. But nothing really happened till…

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