Are you an active citizen knowledgeable about local issues? One who tracks civic developments, and gets involved in solving local problems? Citizen Matters is the platform to document these experiences and amplify citizen voice.

Our cities have many individuals, and groups working on lakes, initiating waste segregation, or doing audits of footpath infrastructure. Thousands of such active citizens — the doers — share their learning and insights on Citizen Matters. Our citizen journalism bridges gaps in capacity and knowledge and we see it accelerating solutions to civic problems.

From 2008, Citizen Matters has worked to build an informed, engaged and active urban citizenry. Find stories from our citizen journalists and civic changemakers from across India: Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and other cities.

Note for citizen journalists:

  • Your article topic has to be local or related to urban topics.
  • Your article must explore an important issue or community initiative. 
  • Please check out our citizen journalism guidelines.

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