Articles by Kochu Sankar G

Kochu Sankar G is a resident of Bengaluru, active in social development for the last 4 years after retiring from corporate life as Business Executive in high technology domains with global companies. He evanglises moving on to newer sustainable ways of living that also saves money. He is vocal about adoption of roof top solar, GAIL PNG gas, home composting, and soil less kitchen garden among Bengaluru residents.

Global warming due to increasing carbon footprint is a major challenge to environmental sustainability. The use of fossil fuels, such as coal, for power production is among the major causes of carbon dioxide emissions. Currently, Karnataka generates 61.5% of its power requirement through thermal stations that use coal as fuel. Though we have one of the world’s third largest solar power plants, the Pavagada Solar Park Palavalli in Tumkur district, only 0.11 % of the state’s power requirement is met through solar energy. There is, however, huge potential to generate power through large rooftop surface areas with sunshine, which is…

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