Articles by Himani Jain

Himani Jain is Senior Programme Lead at CEEW. She has a keen interest in accessible streets, safe transport and urban planning. Himani has over 17 years of experience in land use and transport planning, road safety, participatory approaches, campaigns and business solutions development.

A recent (2019) survey of mobility practices among India’s urban population by the New-Delhi based Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) found that 37% of respondents used public transport more than once a week. A vast majority of the people travel distances less than 10 km for work and education, and walking continues to be the most dominant mode of transport for urban India.  The study, which captured all the modes used by individuals in a week, revealed that two wheelers were the second most preferred mode of transport, followed by public transport. Strikingly, the share of people relying…

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