Articles by Dipanjali Bedi

Dipanjali Bedi studied Bharata Natyam from Kalakshetra and subsequently Kathak under Vaswati Misra and has been teaching both for over 40 years. As a Kathak dancer, she has performed extensively in India, Singapore, and Australia. Currently based in Bengaluru, she is a founding member of Sarani, The Whitefield Dance Collective.

Sarani, The Whitefield Dance Collective, is made up of dancers (both professional and amateur) as well as people who believe that the arts are a great way to bring communities and their commonalities together. Since its inception in 2017, Sarani has steadily worked towards promoting the knowledge, appreciation, practice and performance of dance in the Greater Whitefield area. The movement had its roots in a fundraiser Samanvita, held in 2017, for the betterment of Government schools in Whitefield. When dancer Dipanjali Bedi was approached to perform for the event, she responded: “I look at this event as an opportunity to…

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