Articles by Dr Dhirendra Tripathi

Dr Dhirendra Tripathi, a Mulund resident, is MS (General surgeon) and has recently retired from serving at the State government ESIS (Employees state insurance scheme hospital ). He is a nature lover, traveller and an amateur birding enthusiast.

On May 20, 2024, an Emirates airplane, descending to land at Mumbai’s Santacruz airport, collided with a flock of flamingos, causing significant damage to the aircraft and killing 39 flamingos. This incident underscores a critical and often overlooked aspect of aviation safety: the risk of bird strikes. News reports and investigations into the bird strike have revealed two primary causes: The high power lines running through the Thane creek flamingo sanctuary could have been responsible. These power lines, built at great heights, may have forced the flamingos to fly higher than usual, putting them in the path of the descending…

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