Articles by Chirayu Brahmbhatt

Chirayu Brahmbhatt works as a development associate at Mahila Housing Trust. With a degree in economics and finance, his interest lies at the intersection of climate change and gender. He is currently managing 2 projects, The ‘Urban Climate Risk Insurance’ and ‘Just Transition in Bangalore’, which focus heavily on the impact of climate change on marginalised urban poor.

Bengaluru is now increasingly witnessing the combined effects of climate change and rapid urbanisation in varied forms. Be it the heat island effect, or increased intensity of rainfall over a shorter duration of time, flooding different city areas. Yet, climate responsive strategies largely remain obscured in developmental strategies as well as governance models. Impact on informal settlements The harshest brunt of this situation is borne by people living in informal settlements across Bengaluru. The city has almost 2000+ slums spread across, with only 25% of these slums having access to some basic services. These settlements are constructed using heat-absorbing materials…

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