Another successful Cycle Day near Allalasandra Lake

Another ‘Cycle Day’ was successfully conducted by Yelahanka United Environment Association (YUVA) in partnership with Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT), Urban Development Department, Government of Karnataka and BCOS – in Yelahanka New Town next to Allalasandra Lake this 14th September 2014, Sunday morning (6:30 to 10:30 a.m.).
The last Cycle Day was held a couple of months ago and can be read about here. Cycle Days are being organized with the objective of popularizing cycling within the locality thereby helping in reducing motorized traffic, reduce pollution, reduce fuel consumption and improve health and fitness.
Around 4500 citizens including Honorable Speaker of Legislative Assembly – Mr Kagodu Thimmappa, Yelahanka MLA – Mr S.R.Vishwanath, Corporator Ward 4 – Mr Muniraju, Director BMTC – Mr Pushkar Kumar, Transport Planner DULT – Ms Sonal Kulkarni, BBMP, BWSSB, Police, APTS, CRPF and BSF personnel enjoyed cycling, played traditional games on the street and participated in cultural events. H’ble Speaker planted a tree in Allalasandra Lake on this occasion.

Huge crowd
The  event commenced with a cycle rally around the Allalasandra Lake and main roads of Yelahanka New Town (around 7 kms). 250  cycles for free rentals were provided at the venue with original photo ID as security deposit. 

Traditional games chowka bhara, kunte balle, lagori, marbles, snakes and ladders, top spinning, passing the ball, bombing the city, chess, gully cricket, badminton, volleyball, throwball, blindfold and hit the target, balloon blast, slow cycle race was organized on the 100ft street that was blocked out for traffic. 

All-women’s Dollu Kunitha team from Sagar, Shimoga district, Veeragase from Chitradurga and Huli Vesha from Kolar enthusiastically participated in the cultural programs, lifting the spirits and energy at the event.
Dollu Kunitha
Kite flying by well known expert Mr V.K.Rao, street magic show, dance programs by the KHB highrise apartment residents, fitness demonstration by SNAP Fitness, cycle workshop by Sangam Cycles, free basic health checkup by Chaitanya Medical Centre, Taekwondo demonstration by kids of Ramu-RWF Training Centre,  slow cycle race, slow motion dance by Mr Chetan and troupe and high end international bicycles display were added attractions.
Around 400 Police personnel from the Armed Police Training School in Yelahanka stood out of the crowd, participating in this event in their uniforms. They talked about road discipline and basic security measures in residential areas. Their parade and drill on the streets was enjoyed by one and all.
EZZY group Managing Director Mr Hisham Syed Tamiz along with YUVA handed over 8 police chowkis for Yelahanka Police in the presence of H’ble Speaker, MLA and YUVA committee members. North Zone DCP Traffic Mr S.Girish, ACPs Mr Thirumalaraj and Mr Gangadhar along with Yelahanka Inspectors received the chowkis. These chowkis would help in streamling traffic issues in the locality apart from improving security in the area. Each chowki is estimated to cost Rs 1 lakh and EZZY group is donating around 100 chowkis to Bangalore police.

Police personnel

Police chowki 
All the participants took an oath ‘I solemnly swear that I, as a responsible citizen, shall abide by traffic rules and ensure safety of myself and my fellow citizens’ which was administered by the H’ble Speaker. All of them later signed a board which was displayed. Light breakfast was arranged at the venue.  

Oath Board  
H’ble Speaker commended YUVA and Yelahanka residents for organizing this environment friendly event next to Allalasandra Lake which brings in awareness on water conservation. He appreciated that cycling promotes healthy life style and reduces traffic and pollution. Traditional games on the street reminds one of one’s childhood and he encouraged children to take up outdoor games.
YUVA President Dr Tayappa spoke on the Cycle Day objectives and environment programs being conducted in Yelahanka which have evoked huge public response and voluntary participation.
For more information on YUVA and Cycle Day, please contact Mr Jagadeesh Giri, Joint Secretary-YUVA (+91 9845171449).  

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