Enrol for Aadhaar card now, by taking online appointment

Now you need not stand in a long queue to get your Aadhaar card in Bangalore. Just book your appointment online at your convenience.

Editor’s note:

This article is out of date, as Aadhaar card is now being given in selected centres in Bangalore. Here is the list of centres where you can get your Aadhaar card done: List of Aadhaar registration centres in Bengaluru.

Updated on: January 28, 2015.

Pic courtesy: myaadhaar.in

There is no need to stand in a long queue and wait for your turn to enrol for an Aadhaar card. You can take an appointment with the click of your mouse. You can also get the address of your nearest enrollment centre or by making a phone call to the Aadhaar helpline, 080-44554499 or dial the toll-free number 9243700100.

This is a major step towards simplifying the Aadhaar enrollment procedure, by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). All you have to do is:

  • Log onto the UIDAI website at http://appointments.uidai.gov.in or the E-governance Department’s Aadhaar helpcentre website http://www.ceguid.karnataka.gov.in,
  • Select the enrollment centre by filling in geographic details like state, city and locality.
  • Check the availability of time slots. Booked slots are marked in RED in both websites.
  • YELLOW slots mean they are partially booked and you can try booking. GREEN slots mean they are yet to be booked.
  • Enter your details including name, email id, mobile number and number of people interested to register.
  • You can also locate your nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre by entering pincode or locality.
  • If required, you can also cancel the appointment, by entering your appointment ID.

The UIDAI website lists only two centres- one at Lalbagh Road and another on Vanivilas Road, Basavanagudi. The text scroll running across the web page says that the online booking for Aadhaar enrollments has been started on trial basis at select centres.

Talking about this online booking facility, UIDAI Deputy Director General, Ashok Dalwai says: “This online booking facility has been rolled out now. We have started with only two centres, which can be seen at the website. We will be gradually improving and extending to other centres.”

Karnataka government opens more centres

The customer care executives at the UIDAI phone help desk at 44554499 or the toll free number 9243700100 clarify the doubts regarding Aadhaar enrolment, card and status-check.

At the state level, UIDAI has entrusted the task of Aadhaar enrollment to the E-governance Department, which runs a separate website exclusively for this purpose.

The Department of E-governance in Karnataka has listed 11 centres in its website where people can take an online appointment and visit the centre for enrollment. This website also lists all 142 Aadhaar enrollment centres in Karnataka, from which citizens can choose the nearest.

CEO of the E-governance Department, Dr D S Ravindran clarifies that this system helps the UIDAI. People can refer to either of the websites and choose the centre convenient to them.

Both the above websites provide the option to cancel or reschedule their appointment at any given point of time. You can download the enrollment forms, by clicking on the section ‘Forms and guidelines’ here, fill them and take it to the centre when you for registration.

Registered centres by banks

Organise Aadhaar enrolment camps
Heads of organisations of RWAs who wish to set up such Aadhaar enrollment camps in their commercial or residential units can send their requests to:
The Chief Executive Officer,
Centre of E-Governance Department,
Room No 146A, Multi-Storey Building,
Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore 560001.
Phone: 080 22373840 Email: cegkarnataka@gmail.com

HDFC bank has opened three enrollment camps in Bangalore which are at Old Airport Road, M G Road and CMH road.

No other bank is providing this facility presently, in Bangalore. However the UIDAI warns people to be careful of any emails or SMS being circulated to people asking them to visit camps and enrol. They request people to verify all details before visiting and disclosing your personal details.

Enroll only with the authorised registrars

The UIDAI in its website has issued a list of certified and registered registrars who have been given the permission to collect details from applicants. People can check this list at http://uidai.gov.in/registrar-link-2.html, by clicking the list at the bottom of the page.

The page also gives a list of empanelled enrollment agencies and the banks which UIDAI has partnered with for enrollment.

Dalwai warns: “People need to be cautious about miscreants and not disclose any details to unauthorised people. We have listed the authorised registrars. In order to safeguard people’s biometric and demographic data, we have ensured that the machine and the operator are registered with UIDAI.”

The Centre for E-Governance (CEG) is the nodal point which has been identified by the state government and an MoU has been signed with the UIDAI to enrol people for Aadhaar. They have given tenders to other agencies to carry out the work. The CEG is the nodal registrar just like other registrars like banks, India Post and so on.

KYC service through Aadhaar card, for banks

In order to speed up banking procedures and save the time of a person seeking to open a bank account, banks are now accepting Aadhaar numbers. One has to give his/her Aadhaar number and leave the rest to UIDAI. The bank which is linked with the UIDAI will request for details of the applicant.

“This service called as KYC (Know Your Client) has been introduced by UIDAI for quick working. This is a model for the future, of how UIDAI aims to work. The applicant needs to give all his personal details all over again. Instead all he has to do is give his UID number and biometrics. The bank will then ask UIDAI to give his details and open the bank account soon. This facility is not only for beneficiaries but for people of all sections of society,” says Dalwai.

Details of this scheme are available on the UIDAI website. This has been working presently for the banks registered with UIDAI. Gradually it will be extended to all other banks, after they are linked with UIDAI and everybody is enrolled for Aadhaar card.

Many more centres to enroll all

The nodal agencies have also been given the task of entertaining requests from large and commercial units to set up enrollment centres with 3-4 units for a week or 10 days.

With the target of enrolling everybody in the entire state by the end of March 2014 and issue Aadhaar cards by June- July 2014, as per Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s statement in the budget speech, the UIDAI and the CEG are setting up camps in apartments and commercial units which have over 5000 dwellers.

“In Bangalore, till date we have generated 46 lakh Aadhaar cards – almost 50% of the city’s population. The upcoming temporary centres will be advertised regularly in the media and on the UIDAI and CEG websites. Along with the residents of the chosen apartments, others living nearby too can take the advantage of such centres,” said a UIDAI official.



  1. Bhupati Shukla says:

    It is not as good as it sounds. I had booked an appointment in the 9:15 to 9:30 slot at the hockey stadium in Bangalore. When I reached there the person responsible for taking the data had not arrived. He came more than one hour late and I finally got everything done only by 11:00 AM. This experience is typical of everything that has to do with the government.
    Another odd thing is that they have 3 centres within a radius of 1 km where you can enroll for Aadhar with appointment, viz. hockey stadium, kanteerava stadium and BBMP head office. Instead they could have spread these centres more evenly throughout the city.

  2. Garima arora says:

    I am not sure if these centers are still open as I am not getting any open slot to apply for Aadhaar card. Can you kindly tell me where can I apply for Aadhaar while I stay in Banaswadi, Bangalore.

  3. TAPAS KUMAR DE says:

    How I will get Aadhar card from a near by already closed centre.At present i am staying at Bhuj,Gugarat and the aadhar card centre at Bhuj is closed.Pl. guide me.

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