A sweet investment

George Varghese writes:


From: George Varghese <grgvrghs@gmail.com>
Date: 27 November 2015 at 14:14
Subject: The sweetest investment you can ever make….

Here’s a chance to make a social, ethical, environment-friendly
investment and get the sweetest returns you can ever imagine and also
at the same time support a rural entrepreneur make a livelihood.
Interested? Read on…..

What this is about:
A local farmer Nagaraj living near Bisilkoppa village, Sirsi Taluk is
also an experienced bee keeper. He is interested in expanding his bee
keeping enterprise by getting 100 new bee boxes. At a cost of Rs.4000
per box (box with bee colony), this would entail a total investment of
Rs.4,00,000 which is a steep investment for this small farmer. So he
is looking for financial support in this venture. He’s looking for 20
investors, each paying Rs.20,000 which is the cost of 5 bee boxes.

How it will work:
Each social investor will put up Rs.20,000 which is the cost of 5 bee
boxes. Every year in May/June (5kg honey/box x 5 boxes = 25Kg honey)
will be given as a return on the investment. Repayment will be made
over a period of 5 years. i.e. You will get 25Kg of honey every year,
for 5 years. If you’re wondering about what you’ll do with 25Kg of
honey, since you might consume only 2-3Kg a year, there’s a solution
for that too. You can get money instead of the honey, at prevailing
rates for the year. So Honey for your money or money for your
honey…. it’s a sweet deal either way.

There are risk factors like climate change during April/May or virus
infections that can upset the bee colony and yield of honey. If there
is a disease outbreak or any unfavourable condition that results in a
failed harvest any year and you don’t get any honey that year, then
the repayment will extend for an extra year.

The investment payment will need to be made by 5th Dec, to enable him
get the boxes in time for this year’s season. Please contact me within
the next couple of days if you are interested or if you have any more
questions. My number +91 94812 78348.

Please feel free to forward to personal contacts who you think might
be interested in this from a social investment angle, rather than a
money-making angle.


George Varghese
No Man’s Land Organic Farm, Sirsi
Mob: +91 94812 78348 (Send SMS if number is unreachable)

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