Who watches them?

One sees these cheap posters for "A" movies on so many walls around…

uluthsavam c-grade movie 210209

Who does go to a 11.15 am show to watch what I think is soft porn? I am sure there is an audience, as these posters have been around for so long…what’s the budget for such movies, how much do they make?

yamini sundari a-movie poster 210209 mf

Yaamini Sundari…."Beauty of the Night"…indeed…no, I would never go to a theatre to find out more! Do such films also pay entertainment tax?


  1. Vaishnavi Vittal says:

    There are a number of theatres in the city screening porn movies, many near the KR market bus stop. Most of them put up a poster of a newly released mainstream movie at the theatre, but they actually screen pornography. It would be good to find out about the tax bit. A friend who did a story on the same found that they start off by screening a regular movie and then change the reel. The movie supposedly isn’t an Indian one. Wonder how they get away with it

  2. vipin bhatia says:

    considering our politicians get away with murders and their kids get away with rapes this is one subject i consider a waste of my time paying attention to…

  3. Ashok Vasudevan says:

    I have always wondered about this. There’s a theatre on old airport road outside which I had seen such posters. Wonder if they get a lot of audience and how they escape the eye of the authorities. Also on my recent visit to agra I saw movie posters with sleazy names like “vilayathi jism” and “junglee love”. It’ll be good if citizen matters delves into this issue and comes up with a detailed story.

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