Breather for property tax payers

The recent declaration of BBMP to retain SAS values for tax calculation and not increasing the rate has come has a sigh of relief to the tax payers.


Now here is an Example
Suppose you have a property in the city that fell into tax Zone E, your tenanted area is 450 sq ft and self occupied area is 950 sq ft then following will be your tax calculation:

Gross Unit Area Value – Rs 22200.00
Depreciation Amount –  Rs 5328.00 (the depreciation is of 24 per cent)
Net Unit Area Value – Rs 16872.00
Property Tax – Rs 3374.40
Cess (24 per cent) – Rs 809.86
Total Property Tax – Rs 4184.26
Rebate of 5 per cent – Rs 3975.00 (If paid in full on or before 30 days from the date of notification)

(This example is hypothetical and only for the purpose of explaining the calculations)

Calculations done, but problems remain

For now there won’t be any change in the SAS values and, hence, no increase in the tax amount. But, because of the zone shuffling, a lot of places have jumped higher in their zones, thereby, the rates, henceforth, of that land will be of higher value.

Furthermore, the depreciation allowance is restored up to 70% and reducing the extent of random sampling from the proposed 15% to 10%.

Guidance Value Bandwidth for residential areas (zone wise)

Zone F: Rs 1001
Zone E: Rs 1001- Rs 2000
Zone D: Rs 2001- Rs 3500
Zone C: Rs 3501- Rs 5000
Zone B: Rs 5001- Rs 7000
Zone A: Rs 7001-Rs 9000

Also, one of the major changes made is that the zones have been shuffled. For the calculation of the Unit Area Value of a building (residential/ non-residential), the BBMP had divided the whole city into six major zones (A-F) depending upon the development level in that area and accordingly the rates of properties in that area.

According to some experts in the city, the reshuffling of zones has brought almost 50 per cent of the total properties at least one zone higher than it was earlier. Therefore, most of them now have a higher value of their property than they had earlier.

“What is the use of retaining SAS values if the zones are shuffled? The BBMP has not yet given any reasoning behind the reshuffling of the zones,” complains NS Mukunda, convener of Citizens Action Forum. The forum has been active in getting the property tax rates declared by the BBMP.

In a calculation chart prepared by Mukunda, he points out that if your property has jumped one zone, for example, from B to A, then the percentage variation in the tax you would be paying is 25 per cent. That means you will be paying 25 per cent more . Similarly, if your property has jumped two zones, like from C to A, then the variation would be 38.89 per cent.

So, amidst all the confusion of jumping zones, we shall all pull up our sleeves and start calculating our taxes. Also, not to forget that they can be paid at all the Bangalore One centers in the city. While we all might have to worry about paying more because of jumping zones, lets hope we at least get the rebate by paying it on time.

BBMP links for reference:

Residential property zones:

Non Residential property zones:

BBMP Tax rules (new ordinance):

BBMP Tax Calculator:


  1. Purushottama Wagle says:

    Though BBMNP has about 146 wards the present map shows only 100 wards. What about others. Where they have to pay tax ? Any idea?

  2. Deepa Mohan says:

    I haven’t done the calculations yet, must find out whether the rates are the same..but you have saved me the hassle of going to the BBMP office and getting the booklet Supriya! Thank you very much.

  3. D R Prakash says:

    I understand from your explanation that the ceiling of 20 % increase has been withdrawn. The decision of the tax collection has been fixed to the new system / values given / explained above.

    Is one allowed to appeal, if the present tax exceeds 20% of the tax paid last year ? If so to whom it should be done and within what period ? In case of appeal, has the tax to be paid as per the new calculation OR paid just equal to the previous period ?

    This is because an example calculated shows an increase of 36% – The present calculation is Rs.1685/- after 5% rebate, whereas the previous tax paid was only Rs.1240/- (Zone remains in E itself. Area is 1175 sft.[1125 RCC & 50 Sheet] Year of construction is 1960)

  4. M Ramachandran says:

    Please do not confuse people who are already confused. BBMP clearly says that if your Zone has jumped more than two levels up ( say from F to D), you may consider your Zone as E and not D.
    I have paid my property tax on 9-5-2008 at Bangalore One and have a computer generated receipt which clearly say it is for FY-2008-2009. What do I do? Pay again?

  5. Supriya Khandekar says:

    Mr Prakash,
    I would suggest you take a look at the recent article on the subject. It might answers your questions. Following is the link
    Please get back if or not the questions are answered.

  6. Sujeet Ullasa says:

    I would like to know if property tax need to be paid for flats that are yet to be registered.

  7. S Srinivasan says:

    I have pointed out a number of discrepencies between the application Form entries, OnLine Calculator and the issue of Final Receipt by BBMP. On the basis of my observations about an error in the Online calculator, BBMP has rectified subsequently. I have prepared a Format in Excel for calculation of Tax with details as required to be filled up in the application form specially for Apartment owners. I have forwarded this to the Commissioner also. New problems have been created by lack of knowledge and application of mind by the Help Centers in rejecting the cheques in which the tax amount is rounded up to the nearest Rupee.
    This is all due to absence of responsible Revenue officials in the Help Centers . The clerical staff make hay and collect money in filling up the forms from gullible tax payers. Public had to pay to get the job done failing which the applications get rejected. My letters to the commissioner and other officials have not been acknowledged, leave alone action on points raised. The orders from the higher officials and their implementations at the working levels need supervision by responsible officials in all help centers throught the day. The timings of working also needs change. It should be from 9am to 1 pm and 2.30 to 6pm for the convenience of the public.

  8. kate r says:

    Hi Supriya,

    Is a print out of the online tax calculator and a copy of the last receipt sufficient to make the payment, or do I still need the form to be filled etc? From the article, the payment part is not clear. I am in the US and not able to get that form now. Please help me solve this problem.

    Thanks for your help,

  9. ameena zahara says:

    hi Supriya
    Am not able to find anthing in the links given in the bbmp page staes page error . what to do plz help.

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