Perhaps my last visit…..

I went to M G Road on work for Clean and Green today, and decided to visit India Coffee House as well….

India coffee house signboard 230109

This part of Bangalore heritage seems doomed to go into the history pages soon. Here’s a waiter in the familiar uniform, that I have seen in both Kolkata and here:

230109 waiter at coffee house

Several of the waiters have been working in this co-operative for many years, and the chances of their finding another job seem bleak.

Bangalore will be the poorer for losing out such parts of what it has been, in the name of commercial development.

I still see the demolished top of Cash Pharmacy, and feel bad…but "the old order changeth, yielding place to new"…and there’s only so much I can fight for, I have to see some changes happen.

But if you can, do visit the Coffee House before it passes into history!


  1. Yashwanth says:

    This is one of my fav places in bangalore, I have spent endless hours sipping coffee and reading here.

    I was quite sad when i got to know that the place will give way to a new building, i spoke to a waiter and he said on 28 feb, the place is going to be locked and the keys would be handed over to owners.

    I was told that the building was part of a long drawn legal battle which seems to have ended recently.

    Fortunately, the waiters are govt employees and would be shifted to Avenue road, where a ” new look” coffee house is on the cards.

  2. b s arun kumar says:

    its sad to know coffee house on m.g.road will become history. this is one of the few coffee joints i liked to go, where the old ambience, the waiter with the typical uniform adds to the joy of sipping coffee.

  3. Deepa Mohan says:

    Thanks, Yashwanth and Arun! Though, of late, the quality of the coffee seems to have slipped, the long association of this place in our mind with what Bangalore stands for…will be missed.

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