B. Jayashree presents Gubbi Company play ‘Sadarame’

Gubbi Veeranna's grand daughter B. Jayashree is set to stage 'Sadarame' once more at Ranga Shankara.

B.Jayashree’s "Sadarame", which opened to great acclaim at the recent Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival 2008, is scheduled to be staged at Ranga Shankara this December. "Sadarame" will be performed from 10th – 13th December at 7.30 PM.

Sadarame play, ranga shankara

(Pic: Akshay Narayan)

Produced by Ranga Shankara under its "Play the Play" initiative, "Sadarame" is a revival of one of Gubbi Veeranna’s most successful productions. "Sadarame" is directed by the renowned B.Jayashree, who is the granddaughter of legendary Veeranna.

A play, rich in navarasa, "Sadarame" is replete with unforgettable characters: the ingenious Sadarame, the trickster Kalla, the innocent Jayaveera, the mean Bangaru Shreshti and the apparently comic, but inherently cruel Adimoorthy.

Among the highlights of the revival of this Gubbi Company play, is director B.Jayashree in the role of Kalla, the thief immortalised by her grandfather, the legendary Gubbi Veerana.


The story revolves around an innocent middle-class girl, the protagonist ,Sadarame, who marries Prince Jayaveera. This, however, is the beginning of Sadarame’s troubles, as the Prince loses his kingdom and, then, remarries Chanchala Kumari to regain his throne.

Sadarame play, ranga shankara

(Pic: Akshay Narayan)

Even as hardships challenge the young protagonist, Sadarame overcomes every hurdle with her characteristic intelligence. In the end, as is the tradition with Indian stories and almost as if following a rulebook, the play ends on a happy note. All’s indeed well that ends well!

The highlight of the revival of this Gubbi Company play is Director B. Jayashree in the role of Kalla, the thief immortalised by her grandfather, the legendary Gubbi Veerana.

Director’s profile

Granddaughter of the legendary Gubbi Veeranna, B. Jayashree debuted as a child in his company before going on to study at the National School of Drama. After her graduation in 1970, and acting under directors such as Alkazi and Karanth, she started directing her own group, ‘Spandana’, in Bangalore. It made a name for itself across the country with “Lakshapati Rajana Kathe” (“Raja Lakshapati’s Story”, 1986), a production resplendent with folk energy and vibrant music. She also directed Chandrashekhar Kambar’s “Karimayi” (1987), on ritualistic worship of the goddess by that name, in the same style.

Tickets are available at Ranga Shankara (ticket counter timings: 10 AM-12.30 PM & 5 PM-7.30 PM; Monday holiday). Tele-booking is open on 94489-27954.

Details of the performance

Name: Sadarame
Date:10th, 11th, 12th, 13th December
Time:7.30 PM
Duration:110 min
Venue:Ranga Shankara, JP Nagar
Ticket Price:Rs. 100

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