Solar Panel Inauguration at Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore

I received the monthly update from Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe Institut) and it was heartwarming to see this announcement:

Inauguration of the new Solar Roof
4.30 p.m. on November 20th

We are proud to announce a unique initiative – the installation of a photo-voltaic system on the roof of the Bhavan – one step forward in the movement towards conservation of scarce resources and utilisation of renewable energy. The implications of this project, executed by IBC Solar under the Solar Roof Project India of dena, the German Energy Agency (Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH), are expected to radiate far beyond the walls of the Institute!

The Outlook at MMB: SUNNY

I do wish more and more public buildings in Bangalore would follow suit!

Great going, MMB!


  1. B S GANESH says:

    For India in general and Karnataka in particular Solar heating for water heating is best. I got Slar heater installed three years ago by taking loan at 5 Per cent interest and pledging my FD receipts which give 10 per cent interest with Canara Bank. I am not at all worried about load shedding these days for taking bath and I save about Rs 500 per month on electric bills. It is most unfortunate government does not take much interest in publishing and propagating use of Solar heaters. Use of Solar heater must be made mandatory to reduce load on electivity, which can be used productively for industrial purposes. B S GANESH 70/9 Hanumanthnagar Bangalore 560 019

  2. raj chandra.r says:

    I endorse Mr. Ganesh’s observation. In every All Electric Home, Water heating forms bulk of the total units consumed. Cost per watt-hour saved using Solar Geyser’s is the lowest and unlike Solar Photo Voltaic power, you do not need a environmentally hazardous Battery to store the power. SPV are best used in remote villages where basic lighting itself a scarce commodity. It is high time State makes it compulsory for all homes, Hotels to have Solar Geysers.

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