Bannerghatta Butterfly Park personnel kill a bird for catching butterflies…

Bird watchers know that all Flycatchers catch bees, wasps, dragonflies, butterflies and other insects as part of their diet. (Indeed, so do many other birds.)

So…you’d expect the personnel manning the Butterfly Park in the Bannerghatta Zoo area to know that as well. And, when they see a bird catching a butterfly, they would just catch it with a net and release it elsewhere, wouldn’t you?

You’d be…’dead’ wrong.

That’s the right word to use in the circumstances.

Srikant VK writes:

"The employers of the butterfly park saw the flycatcher catching some butterflies,the only crime this innocent little bird did was to fill its belly by eating butterflies. They cud have caught it through the bird net and released it but they immediately shot it with the Air gun. This was witnessed by friend and another student who is doing some studies on butterflies. They objected before the act but the zoo keepers did not bother to listen.

I feel that it is insane of zoo keepers to do this. Are they instructed to do so? It looks as if the gun is used for this purpose only. Can’t they think of any better alternative ? We need to stop this or we are going to lose many birds in that particular region. Can someone take this up with the respective authorities ?

He’s also sent a picture of the picture of the dead bird. This was taken by Ritesh Singh Siddharth, one of the two people who tried to protest the killing of the bird.


apk killed at btrfly pk 020313 photo apf.jpg

Would you like to know what a male Asian Paradise Flycatcher looks like? It’s one of the more spectacular birds we have:

apf ave 060113 bgz photo DSC09047.jpg

When are our Forest Department personnel going to learn to respect wildlife, and when are they going to be held accountable for such wanton acts of cruelty?



  1. Shamala Kittane Subramanyan says:

    but why catch it with a net and release it elsewhere ? They are going to come back.

    The birds are a good way to control butterfly population ? Even otherwise its their food, their right.

    I always thought butterfly parks are a good idea, now it seems more like its a trap.

  2. S V Raghavan says:

    The problem is, people are selected for a job based on their influence, caste, creed & money power. How can you expect any daft illiterate guy to know about “birds & bees”
    India,s Flora & Fauna is in these peoples hands.
    Even God’s cant Save Us.
    Sad indeed.

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