Road widening, at what cost?

There have been quite a few articles recently on disappearing footpaths (or sidewalks), illegal speed breaks etc – so I took these pictures as a pun on BBMP (our favourite punching bag). To their credit, they do good work (airport road is a shining example), but poor planning throws a lot of problems for the public.

Bad Stretch

Since the construction started at the junction to RT Nagar on Bellary Road, the commuters take the extended roads on the side. The distance is about half a kilometre – with no pedestrian walkways, footpaths or even a proper tarred road.

Speed breaks? The gravel exposed by heat and dust breaks all the speed. There are a lot of shops along the stretch from Hebbal flyover to RT Nagar. Now that the service roads have been merged to the main Airport road, there are no footpaths and pedestrian walkways anywhere.

Shops still do good business here!

A friend who rides a bike said that the two-wheelers who cross this stretch inhale as much dust as one might breathe living in Rajasthan for three months. Of course he exaggerates or does he?

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