Tiger, Tiger! Bangalore Little Theatre is staging a play on Tipu at the Bangalore Fort

Ganjam in association with Bangalore Little Theatre presents `Tiger ! Tiger ! ‘ by (the late) Dina Mehta, a site-specific theatre exploration that is being performed at the Bangalore Fort. The performance is a part of the prestigious History of Ideas programme of Bangalore Little Theatre and is in partnership with the Centre for Public History as a part of the `Tiger comes to Town’.

The performance marks the first time a heritage site in the city will open itself out to a unique experiment that will enable an audience to experience a historical event at its very location.

`Tiger ! Tiger ! ‘ is set against the backdrop of the turbulent 18th century. It is constructed as a series of interlinked sequences involving both individuals and incidents that played a prominent role in the life of Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore. The play begins with Tipu as a young boy of sixteen and moves chronologically through his timeline, tracking his transformation from an adolescent boy to a young adult, mature man and finally, the warrior -king engaged in a fierce resistance against the British presence in the Deccan.

Date: 22-23 Dec, 2012| Time: 7pm onwards (2 hours)
Age: 15 years and above
For more information, write to info.bangalorelittletheatre@gmail.com.


  1. Deepa Mohan says:

    Here’s some more info about the project:


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