FAQ on online voter registration

Frequently asked question related to new voter registration, bulk voter registration, existing voters and more.

With the special summary revision of photo electoral rolls, on till December 4th, 2012, citizens can enroll in the voter list online too. To check your name on the voter roll or for information on how to register as a new voter, see bangalore.citizenmatters.in/vote2013

Who can become a voter?

Any person who is:

  1. a citizen of India
  2. 18 years of age or above on the qualifying date (1/1/2012)
  3. ordinarily resident in Bangalore.This includes a student in a University, Institute etc.
  4. not disqualified to be voter e.g. not of unsound mind etc.
I am not able to find my name in the voters list

Due to the use of transliteration software or clerical error there might be a spelling mistake in your name. Try the following options

  1. Try variations of your name or a part of the name (see a short demo here: http://smartvote.in/demo/voter_search.htm )
  2. Do a search by EPIC number
  3. Call BBMP helpline 2266 0000.
  4. Contact your ward office. They can confirm if your name appears in the area of your residence.

If you find your details by any of the above method and your details are incorrect fill form 8/8a to correct the same.

If none of the above steps yield your details reapply online using Form 6

Why do I need to check my records regularly

Voters’ list are updated at regular intervals.  As a part of refreshing voter’s list it is possible that existing voters name may get deleted from the voters list. This might be due to clerical error or otherwise.In the past 3-6 months around 13 Lakh voters were deleted from the voters lists for the 27 constituencies of Bangalore district. This translates to one in every five voter’s name being missing from the electoral roll.Another way of looking at it is Bangalore has 5 parliamentary constituencies the latest update to the electoral roll has removed voters equivalent to one entire parliamentary constituency .

What documents do I need to submit to show proof of age

There are many suggested documents suggested for submission of proof of age. You can choose any one of the following:-

a) Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authority or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths or Baptism certificate; or
b) Birth certificate from the school (Govt./Recognized) last attended by the applicant or any other recognized educational institution; or
c) If a person is class 10 or more pass, he should give a copy of the mark sheet of class 10 or 12, if it contains date of birth as a proof of date of birth.
d) Mark sheet of class 8 if it contains date of birth; or
e) Mark sheet of class 5 if it contains date of birth; or
f) A declaration in prescribed format given in Annexure-1 made by either of his parents if the person is not educated till class 10 (in those cases where parent himself for verification before BLO/ERO/AERO); or
g) A certificate of his age given by a sarpanch of the concerned Gram Panchayat or by a member of the concerned Municipal Corporation / Municipal Committee, the person is not educated till class 10 and both the parents are not alive.
h) Any other Government document showing age e.g. Passport.

What documents do I need to submit as proof of residence?

The various documents acceptable as residence proofs are listed in the Form-6 itself and include

  1. Bank / Kisan / Post Office current Pass Book, or
  2. Applicant’s Ration Card / Passport /Adhaar Card / Driving license / Income Tax Return filed or Assessment Order, or
  3. Latest Water bill/ Rent or tenancy agreement / Telephone /Post-paid mobile bill/ Electricity / Gas connection bill for that address, either in the name of the applicant or that of his / her immediate relation like parents etc. or
  4. Postal department’s post received / delivered in the applicant’s name at the given address. or
  5. An affidavit stating the present address.

Note: The gas connection bill is the original document that you got when you applied for a new connection. Your monthly gas refill bill is not accepted as a valid document.

How do I find my constituency, ward etc.
  1. Visit the CEO’s website at http://ceokarnataka.kar.nic.in/
  2. Click on the link for map based search for assembly constituency.
  3. Ensure that you are in "Election map view".
  4. Click search and search for your locality.
  5. Click the red dot to get the details for your constituency.
  6. Watch a demo in action at http://smartvote.in/demo/search_constituency.htm
I have recently got married. How can I get my spouse enrolled at my address?

This will depend on the following:-

(a) If your spouse is a voter for the first time then s/he will have to fill in Form-6 for enrollment as a new voter.
(b) In case s/he is already a voter but not in the same Assembly Constituency (such as enrolled in some other Assembly Constituency of Bangalore, or anywhere else in India), then s/he will need to fill in Form-6 for change of residence.
(c) If s/he is a voter in the same Assembly Constituency as you but needs only to change her/his address then, in such case s/he needs to fill in Form-8A for change of residence within the same Assembly Constituency.
(d) As proof of residence, s/he can submit a copy of her/his marriage certificate or copy of the marriage invitation card.

I am getting an error during form submission

Please ensure that you have correctly filled in all the fields.

Note: The following are known issues with the website.

  1. image file size should be less than 50KB and in jpeg format;
  2. pdf attachments together should be lelss than 1MB; If your are scanning the document ensure that the scanner is in text mode and you select a low dpi.
  3. you need to select each and every radio buttion in sec IV, i.e. declaration.
  4. Do not use any special character (including comma, semicolon, plus sign etc) in any field (particularly address field).
  5. If you are registering (as a new user) your email id for logging into the website then do not give initials in the name field. It rejects it but the error message is "please enter a valid mobile number"
Any last minute checklist before I submit my documents?
  • Don’t submit the Applicant’s Copy. Submit only the ERO/AERO copy.
  • Ensure that forms are signed at appropriate places.
  • When the pages are to be read back-to-back, please ensure the word P.T.O is written.
  • Ensure the digital photo fully and correctly fills the box provided in the online form. Some photos are too small; some are distorted – length to width ratio is not maintained. 
  • Don’t use removal clips and pins; please stitch the papers with staple pins.
I have submitted my Form 6 online. What happens after that?

The Booth Level Officer for your area shall visit you at the residence that you have given and will do the following:

i) Confirm that you actually reside at the address mentioned by you in Form-6.
ii) Verify your photograph with you in person.
iii) Obtain your signature to the down loaded application of your application Form 6, (which the BLO will bring with him.)
iv) Take the proof of residence from you (in case you have not uploaded it)
v) Take the proof of age from you (in case you are between 18 and 21 years of age and have not uploaded it).

What should I check for in the acknowledgement

Ensure that the acknowledgement contains the following.

  1. Seal of the BBMP Office
  2. Signature of the officer accepting the form
  3. Date of acknowledgement
When will my name be included in the Electoral Roll?

After your application has been accepted, your name and other details will be included in the Electoral Roll. The name of all the accepted applications shall be published on the date of Final Publication of Electoral Roll on 5th January 2013. This Electoral Roll shall be available on the EC website and also at all the VRECs.

I have applied for adding my name into election roll last year and have acknowledgement too. My name is not included into latest Draft Roll published. What should I do now?

Chances are that they have lost your form. Please submit Form-6 again (online) and track the progress on CEO website  When you submit the form, ensure that you get an acknowledgement.   

My name is in the voter list but I dont have a Photo ID (EPIC) What should I do?

BBMP will generate EPIC based on the information on Form-6. If your name is in the electoral roll, but you do not have EPIC, You can apply for EPIC by submitting Form-001.

I am already enrolled as a voter but I have shifted my residence and I have a new address. What do I need to do now?

In case you are already enrolled as a voter and have shifted your address, then the procedure to be followed to enroll you at your new address will depend on whether you are residing in the same Assembly Constituency or your new residence is in a new Assembly Constituency.

a) In case your new residence is in a different Assembly Constituency then you have to fill in Form 6.
b) In case your new residence is in the same Assembly Constituency then you have to fill Form 8A.
Ensure that you provide your previous ID number in the form.

The only document that you are required to attach is proof of your new residence such as electricity bill etc. You are not required to submit any other document.

I have received my Voter Identity Card (EPIC). However,this card contains a mistake. How do I get it corrected?

Such mistakes are usually in respect of age, spelling of name and address etc.
(a) Please fill in Form-8 alongwith proof of the correct information. For example, for getting age corrected, please attach proof of age such as School Board Examination Result Certificate. For proving correct residence, please give proof of residence etc.

I stay outside BBMP Limits. What process can I follow?

People outside BBMP limits can still fill in the forms online.These forms cannot be submitted to the BBMP office. They have to be submitted to the Local ERO’s office either in person or via post.In case you want to conduct a campaign in your local area. Smartvote can help you in planning the same. 

I suspect that my neighbour has got additional Voter Identity Cards (EPIC) by giving fake identities, is there anything I can do ?

Yes, you can object to this. For this you will have to fill Form 7. You can give it personally or by post.

I have lost my voterreg login password

When you register online you receive an email from "Chief Electoral Officer eci.karnataka@nic.in" with the subject "ECI Online Portal Credentials" This contains your username and password. In case you have not changed your password you can recover it through this email. If you have deleted the email or changed your password. Send an email to "ceo karnataka" <ceocitizeninfo@gmail.com>, ceo.karnataka@gmail.com and ask for an alternative method of password recovery.  

How do I get a 3.5cmx3.5cm Image

You can use any of the image manipulation tools to crop an existing image to the required size and qualityYou can see a short demo at http://smartvote.in/demo/crop.htm

Is Form 6 sufficient for Voters card.


  • Once the voter application is accepted, EPIC(Electoral Photo Identity Card) will be generated simultaneous with the registration of the name in the voter list.  
  • The applicant will get a notice(SMS/Email) from the BBMP asking him or her to visit their office to collect the EPIC.


  1. Siva says:

    Hi I have submitted form 6 through online. Do I need to submit the Hardcopy of acknowledgement to ERO office? Please help me what I have to do after submitting form 6 through online. Thanks in advance.

    • Abhishek Gupta says:

      There will be the address of the respective ERO in the same sites or just Google out the address of the respective ERO in Bangalore south,north etc depending on your place of residence.Do call respective ERO before sending your hardcopy for cross verification.

  2. kamalapadu sivaramakrishna says:

    Same Question here. I have submitted online the form 8 to change address of my voter card. now it says. “Please Note: Sign and Send the ERO/AERO Copy with supporting Documents to the respective ERO”

    What do they mean by respective ERO?
    I remember last i have posted the documents to some address(i do not remember address now).
    To which address I need to post these hard copies of applications and proofs?

    Thanks in advance,

  3. MITHUN KUMAR Mondal says:

    which address I need to post these hard copies of applications and proofs? plz help somebody its an urgent

  4. chandrakantha m says:

    i don’t have last name how should i register for voter id without last name help me

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