Greetings from the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan!

Magic Lantern Movies and DOK-Leipzig
Doc Wok*
A year-long documentary training and mentoring programme
Supported by the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan and the British Council
Commemorating: "Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities"

This pioneering initiative brings together two institutions that work for
documentary promotion: DOK-Leipzig (the oldest and one of the leading
documentary festivals in the world) and Magic Lantern Movies (an imprint
of Magic Lantern Foundation – that works to create public access to
documentaries via archive and curation), to support and mentor documentary
practice in India.
Doc Wok aims to address the missing link, that of mentoring, in the
documentary practice in India, by creating a year-long mentoring support
for documentaries in production. Doc Wok will provide hands-on training,
mentoring as well as support in marketing, distribution, screening and
international exhibition. Through three encounters spread across the year,
as well as mentoring in between the encounters, Doc Wok will support works
in progress.
Doc Wok has been initiated by Gargi Sen, partner, Magic Lantern Movies,
and Claas Danielsen, director of DOK-Leipzig, and will be supported by a
team of professionals: tutors, editors and distributors from Germany,
India and UK.
Doc Wok will select 6 projects for development. Interested filmmakers who
have a rough cut, should immediately apply for selection.

Are you just finishing a documentary?
Do you want to develop your narrative and improve your edit by working
with international and Indian tutors and editors?
Do you want to explore different narrative structures and ways to release
and distribute your film?
Do you want to extend your international network?
Are you interested in new ways of promoting and distributing documentaries?
Doc Wok workshops provide individual support at the finishing stage of
your film. International and Indian tutors will guide you to find fresh
ways of thinking about editing, international film release, distribution,
sophisticated marketing and active work with audience for producers,
directors and editors coming with a promising project.

1st Session – Rough Cut
26th to 30th November 2012, New Delhi
focuses on rough cut and international potential of the documentary.
Filmmakers would be required to attend with their editors and the entire
footage of their film.

2nd Session – Final Cut
April or July 2013, India
helps to finalize narrative structure of your film, gives you feedback
from professionals, helps you design your PR, distribution and release

3rd session – Get International
October 2013, DOK Leipzig (GE)
helps to learn about international documentary and the global non-fiction
market, get in touch and build a network with international professionals
such as producers, filmmakers, distributors, sales agents, festival
programmers and commissioning editors in the frame of DOK-Leipzig.

For application, we request the following material in three copies each:
Rough-cut of the film in English or with English subtitles (if rough cut
is not available, please include edited scenes and a rewritten proposal
based on the material shot).
CVs and filmography of the director, producer and editor, along with the
track record of their company/ies.
Basic information on the project – post-production timeline, co-production
partners, financing plan, broadcasters involved, etc.
The workshop will provide costs of travel and accommodation.
There are no tuition fees.

Do apply and please spread the word around …

For more details write to us at:
Further details forthcoming on:

Magic Lantern Movies LLP and DOK-Leipzig

* Doc Wok, firstly is a play on the South Asian manner of speaking, (we
often say talk-shalk, gup-shup) and secondly, of course it is what it
means, a cauldron to add the final touches to food before serving.

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