Morning walk…

I wake up early, and I think it’s usually the most wonderful part of the day. Yesterday’s cares seem distant and behind me; the air, and my mind, are fresh and ready for today. It feels wonderful to stretch one’s legs, and walk…not much, just about 4.5 km….and it’s a great time to think one’s own thoughts, introspect, say a few prayers….

I also love to observe the people walking, jogging and running…and the various services that have sprung up to cater to them. Green leafy vegetables being sold to them…this has now developed into a small morning market (more expensive, by a factor of 15%, than the 9th Block market, but very convenient.) which disperses by 9.30am. A young man has containers of various vegetable juices. I don’t know the merits of this, but a lot of people patronize him. Several banners announce various yoga and meditation classes.

I love hearing some of the common birds. The "trooo-trooo" call of the Barbet, the shrieking of the parakeets, the mewling noise of the Black Kites…of course, the cawing of the ever-present crows. Now, because of the heaped garbage, there are two silent birds…the Shikra and the Barn Owl, which, in the dawn light, swoop in noiseless flight on the rodents in the trash.

The smells are a great part of the walk, too. The flowers for sale have their lovely scent, as do the fallen flowers of the Akasha Mallige (Indian Cork Tree). The smell of fresh coffee wafts from the local darshini (eatery) as does the aroma of frying vadas. A lot of walkers wind up here! I am afraid I’ll have to add the smell of the garbage to the list, too.

People meet and greet each other…or go past, intent on their exercise. The walking inside the park is very regulated, with even the direction to walk in being specified…so I prefer walking outseide on the road. The tall trees come alive with bird-chatter. I enjoy watching the change of security guards in the IT companies.

The weather in Bangalore is very conducive to walks, and early morning walks nowadays mean that one can see a lot of mufflers,monkey caps, sweaters and scarves. Since I perspire a lot, I usually do not wear any of these.

Ah…while I have been ruminating, I have come back to my front gate. Off I go, climbing up to my fourth-floor flat, to enjoy some old Hindi songs on TV, read my newspaper, and sip my first hot thimbleful of coffee…I have learnt to have it the "baitu" way…just a small amount, piping hot. Good morning to you folks, I hope your days begin as happily as mine!

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