Unnati, and job placement for youth

Unnati, a Bangalore-based NGO, has acheived its goal of empowering youth, by imparting vocational training to 110 young people. These youths have been placed in good companies with decent salaries.

Sarojini Bharadvaj KSWDC Chairperson attended the valediction function .She addressed the students and talked about time management and patriotism.

We want to reach out to more youth through the media.

The Interviews for the 35th batch will be conducted at the nati center this Saturday 15 September 2012. Candidates should be present at the center at 9:00 A.M. For more details regarding interviews please check our website:


About Unnati:

 Unnati, an initiative from SGBS Trust, is a free vocational training program aimed at enabling
and empowering youngsters from families below the poverty line. This 70 day program equips
unemployed youth (18 yrs & above) with vocational skills and life-skills and ensures employment
with reputed organizations at the end of the training program. Currently, the training is offered in
9 chosen vocations – retail sales, field sales, guest care (hotels), guest care (offices), industrial
tailoring, Industrial painting, data entry (for BPO), security services and car driving.

Headquartered in Bangalore in a 22,000 sft state-of-the-art facility, Unnati has impacted the lives
of more than 1500 youth till date. The program not only trains them in their vocation but also
works on their English communication skills, life skills and computer literacy. Special attention is
given to inculcate personal and community values in the youth. The aim is also to bring in "dignity
of labor" and gain self respect.
Unnati has partnered with like-minded NGOs at Mysore, Sirsi, Pune, Ulhasnagar and
Ahmedabad. These centers have also been able to provide 100% placements to the youths post

At Unnati, candidates are interviewed and counseled and based on their aptitude and interest,
a vocation is selected. Entire program is provided free of cost including training, lodging, food
and transportation. Unnati students secure a job at the end of the 70 day training program with a
minimum average starting pay of Rs.6,000/- per month.

Through its Vision 2020, Unnati will touch the lives of 1 Million youth across India and help them
and their families cross the poverty line by pursuing a career.

About SGBS Trust:

SGBS was formed in 1978 and incorporated as a trust in 1993 by a group of like-minded
individuals who were determined to make a difference to society, through music, education and
social activities. In order to achieve the objective, SGBS Trust rolled out the following programs:

SHIKSHA: Shiksha was initiated to provide financial support for school education who but for
the support would have discontinued schooling. The fee towards education is paid directly to
the school. The Shiksha program currently supports over 360 children every year. Preference is
given to children of widows.

UNNATI: Vocational training and employment for underprivileged youth above 18years of age, as
explained above.

UTSAV: Preserving Indian traditions, and promoting art and culture. Gokulashtami is the time of
the year when Bangalore comes alive with resounding performances from known names in vocal,
instrumental and traditional dance forms as part of Utsav celebrations at Unnati Auditorium.

SAMSTHA: Funeral Services assistance to everyone

 Ramesh Swamy
+91 9844085864

Temple Road,
Sadananda Nagar,Near Byappanahalli Metro station
NGEF East, Bangalore – 560038
+91 80 25384642/ +91 80 25384443

Website : www.unnatiblr.org
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Unnati-Bangalore/177993546984
: http://twitter.com/UnnatiBlr

+91 9611784720




  1. steven wilson says:

    This is the best placement consultancy for freshers.

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