Self-Defence for Women: 2-Day Course at Bheemeshwari

Women Safety Awareness on Modern Crime, Psychological Preparation against Fear
& Israeli Krav Maga Self Defense Tactics Sessions against Molestation, Eve-Teasing & Rape.

Why do you need this?

In the past few years, Bangalore ranks 2nd in overall crime rate reported in India beating Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai & Kolkata. Rape on Indian women has increased 763% from 1972. Kidnapping has increased 543% since 1953. Our India stands at the top three countries with the highest sexualy abused children in the world. Blaming the polities, police or our legal system is not enough. Women have to stand up and get educated & prepared to deal with such evil which can destroy her dignity or extinguish her life. Maybe it would never happen to you, but do you really want to take a chance hoping it might never happen.
What is Power to Women Safety Awareness Camp?

Power to Women prepares the participants in the following subjects:

How to manage fear and convert it into confidence
What kind of women predator is looking for a victim
How to be invisible to sexual predator’s radar
Focus on prevention, avoidance and escape before or during the threat NOT on fighting it out.
Self-realization of your own physical power – you are ready irrespective of your size, strength or fitness level.
Awareness against latest crimes & Understanding a predator�s game plan and how to defeat it
Recognize Pre-Conflict Indicators and be Aware of Post-Conflict Dangers
Pre-Assault Situation Awareness & Conflict Prevention from being chosen a victim via attitude, body posture etc.
Survival Mindset – How to diffuse fear and bring in hidden courage
Stress Management – performing effectively under pressure where personal danger is very real
Risk reduction – Verbal Confrontational & Diffusing Exercises against Eve-teasing, Office Sexual harassment etc.
Risk avoidance using Preventive & Avoidance Israeli Soft Tactics against Domestic Violence, Kidnapping & Molestation / Eve-teasing and Sexual Abuse
Various Israeli Self Defense drills of defense against Wrist grabs, Groping, Chokes, Knife Robbery, Rape, In-Transit inside a Car Molestation etc.
Usage of Self Protection tool like Electric Shock Stun gun, Pocket Sticks Key Chain, Daily objects like Magazines, Water bottle & Umbrella etc

We are not teaching martial arts, why not ?

Lot of traditional martial arts depends on few factors like strength, fitness, starting from young age & flexibility.
Hence most of the Indian women do not feel fit enough, strong enough or young enough to take up self defense.
Physiologically from childhood, girls are taught to be nice all the time no matter how bad things are around them, just keep quite & take in all the abuse.
They are told that if they say no or resist the man by fighting who would be more angry and abuse & physically hurt them more.
Learning how to punch and kick is not effective enough to ward off any danger either from a stranger or someone you know, psychological preparation is the key for new mantra for survival any any street crimes.

Benefits of Power to Women Safety Awareness Workshop

Power to Women merges Israeli Krav Maga Self Defense tactics with Safety Awareness & Psychological Preparation Program especially designed keeping Indian women in mind with inputs from our psychologist Mrs. Ottilie Kumar.

As everything evolves in time, self defense given by traditional martial arts are still stuck in the stone age. It’s expects today’s women to be fitter and stronger like a man and ask them to adapt themselves into the rigid system of traditional martial arts.

Israeli self defense system is adapted from human reflex actions so its easy to learn. Practical Training would embedded the tactics into your muscle-memory (reflex actions) so you can still do your defense when your brain shuts down under violent stressfully attack. Psychological preparation & safety awareness theory session would make you more smarter to understand who, where and how these men might attack you verbally, emotionally, physically & sexually.
I cannot be a expert in a two day camp?

No, you cannot, but it’s a start to something wonderful. The feeling that you are not small, weak or alone and you can avoid 78% of the threats by just gaining the education of how to avoid, prevent and escape such threats. We will introduce you to certain Israeli Krav Maga tactics.
Krav Maga Workshop

26th May 2012: Saturday

09:00AM Pick up from Pizza hut, Wind Tunnel Road
09:15AM Pick up from New Santisagar Hotel, Domlur
09:30AM Pick up from Lifestyle, Margrath Road

Ice Breaker – Introduction to the instructor & brief profile of the participants
Ice-breaker game – 3 line up
Theory – Methology of the camp training & busting myths
Drill – Game plan of an predator – his objectives
Game – Understand body language & how its deters being a victim
Drill – How to throw effective punches & kicks
Krav Maga Workshop


Theory – Eve-teasing : what the game plan of the predator/s
Theory – Verbal Self Defense
Drill – Difference between Good Verbal Defense and Bad Verbal Assault
Drill – How to strike effective elbows and hammers
Game – Verbal Defense against eve-teasing – in a crowded place
Game – Verbal Defense against eve-teasing – in a bus
Drill – Single Left to right, right to left hand grabs
Krav Maga Workshop


Theory – Modern Crime Scenario – what has changes drastically and nobody aware of it
Drill – Pulling purse or dupatta etc
Game – Groping on road and How to avoid it
Drill – Groping defense – attack from the front
Drill – How to give a knee to groin & side kicks
Game – How to use aggression & convert fear into courage (not to freeze in fear)
Drill – Bear hug from front and back
Krav Maga Workshop


Theory – Rape: types of rapists, who they look for as victims
Theory – Date Rape, Sexting, Sexual Harassment at work etc
Drill – Two hands choke from front & back
Game – Conflict against being polite & being safe
Drill – Arm bar choke from front
Drill – Ground – pushed to the ground and choking from side


Discussion : Personal experiences & solutions
Krav Maga Workshop

27th May 2012: Sunday


Theory – Fear, flight or fight – myths busting
Drill – Ground – pushed to the ground and choking sitting on the woman
Drill – Knife defense – standing kept on throat & lying down kept on throat
Drill – Kneeing between legs and choking or pinning down shoulders
Drill – Car defense – Robbery outside window
Drill – Car defense – Kidnapping against a car
Drill – Car defense – Rape pushing inside a car

Come back to Bangalore

Instructor’s profile and our past clients

Mr. Frank is a social entrepreneur working on women issues, an internationally certified Krav Maga Israeli Civilian Self Defense Instructor & a well renowned Corporate Women Safety Empowerment Speaker conducting seminars and workshops with more than 25 corporate organizations in Bangalore

His work & classes are featured in various self defense related articles TV channels like NDTV, CNN-IBN, TV9, Aaj Tak etc, Newspapers & Magazines like Times of India, Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicles, Bangalore Mirror, Time Out, Tehelka, Bangalore Times etc.

His organization Power2Women is supported by his co-founder Mrs. Ottilie Kumar, a women psychologist, holistic healer & a practitioner of Krav Maga herself whenever she gets time from her busy schedule from her various therapy session, business & NGO work.


Things to carry:
–One back pack
–Water bottles 2 litres
–Change of clothes for two days
–Sunscreen & sunglasses
–Toiletries (Shampoo, towel, toothpaste, tissue paper, etc.)
–Allergy medication (if any)
–Energy food like chocolate, nutribars etc
–Juice packs, Glucon-D etc.
–Torches with new batteries.
— Camera
— Moov spray
— Rain jacket

Read thru Cancellation Policy page, just in case you have to cancel participation.

Important points to be noted before registering

Note: Drop points will be the same as pick-up points.

Participation Fees: Rs.4000.00
Above charges includes: Non-AC Transport, Basic Veg. Food (1 Lunch, 1 Dinner, 1 Breakfast), Tented accommodation with Sleeping bag, Permission from forest department, Instructor,
Above charges does not include: Breakfast on Saturday & Lunch on Sunday

Payment options:
Click here to see various methods of making payment for BMC event registration

To confirm your participation please register yourself by clicking on the link below, once payment has been made

For any clarification email us at or call on 9902027262

BMC Office Address

No, 69, K. R. Garden, 3rd Main,
Bank colony, Murgeshpalya,
Vimanapura Post, Bangalore – 560017

Airport Road -> ISRO office Signal – > Wind Tunnel Road -> Left turn from Airport compound wall -> Left turn to KR Garden 3rd Main -> Left hand side 3rd House.
See MAP for detailed route

Please transfer the Participation fees before you register.

If you want more details, 

  click here

for the link.


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