AC buses on BIG-10 routes from May 4th

The popular BIG-10 G series buses running along Bengaluru's major arteries such as Hosur Road and Airport Road are going to see AC Volvo versions. Here's more.

Three years after it’s launch, Bengaluru’s popular BIG-10 arterial route service is going upscale. Starting May 4th, BMTC is rolling out AC Volvo versions of BIG-10 along three routes, to complement the current non-AC services. Fourth of every month is observed as Bus Day in Bengaluru to encourage public transport.

Starting May 4th, BIG-10 Volvo AC buses are going to run along Hosur Road, Bannerghatta Road and HAL Airport Road/Whitefield Road.  G-3’s AC version, will run from Shivajinagar Bus Station to Electronic City and will be called AC-3. 

Likewise, G-4’s AC version, running from Shivajinagar Bus Station to Bannerghatta National Park, will be called AC-4. AC-1 will run from Kempegowda Bus Station to Sri Sathya Sai Hospital, Kadugodi, in parallel with G-1. Citizen Matters received this information from a highly placed official who responded on behalf of BMTC’s Chief Traffic Manager Operations.

BMTC says it chose to launch AC buses along Hosur Road, Bannerghatta Road and HAL Airport Road because these are the most profitable presently.

"The introduction of AC services will provide multiple grades of service on the same route, and let customers have more choice”, says Ashwin Mahesh, advisor to BMTC and ABIDe member.  

Mahesh adds that he has recommended that BMTC run the AC and non-AC routes in an integrated manner. “Customers should be able to tell that every third or fourth bus on the route will be air-conditioned, then they’ll be able to decide whether to wait for an AC service or not. This kind of predictability will improve patronage”, he says. As more vehicles are procured, BMTC should introduce these on all the BIG-10 routes, he feels.

Currently, BMTC is operating 479 Volvo Buses, 92 AC Suvarna (Tata Marcopolo) buses and 10 Carona Buses in the AC segment. “It is planned to augment 100 Volvo and 15 Corona buses this year”, says the CTMO, indicating that AC services are expanding further in Bengaluru.


  1. busprayani carnishedi. says:

    This is not fair either they must introduce in more profitable routes than bannerhhatta road. it must go sequentially i the g1 g2 g 3 fashion this is unfair deployment

  2. VIJAYA says:

    It has a long wait and it is a great relief with the announcement.

    See if this could work out too.. regarding the route and bus stops for G 4.

    As the metro trinity and Mg road has opened up , is it possible to extend the G-4 from the Church bus stop on Brigade Road, via mayo hall, MG road station and on the other direction through MG road, B- Station, trinity stn, hosur road?
    This could carry peak hour commuters working along the MG road and also to connect with Metro from these nodes.

    Thanks, would definitely await for the response to include these specific possibilities.

  3. Siddharth S says:

    Actually they could have deployed it on G2 as well-People from shivajinagar can use it till Sony World junction-even people bound to WIPRO from this side could have used it

  4. Commander C R Babu(Retd) says:

    Yelahanka is most neglected as far as introduction of A/C buses are concerned.The BMTC can consider introduction of few A/C buses in G9 route.Also G9 bus timings are not staggered as you find either 3 to 4 buses following together or no bus for 30 to 40 min ,particularly from MG road Metro in the evenings

  5. Ramadasan Panampet says:

    At present, there is no AC Bus (Vajra) from Yelahanka or Sahakaranagar. It is a very good idea to introduce AC G-9 bus so that more people to take to Bus travelling. Yesterday (May 29) I travelled by G9 from MG Road Metro station to Kodigehalli Gate on Bellary Road. The bus was jampacked and commuters were complaining of sultry weather and also the traffic was snarling. So, BMTC must consider immediately the need to introduce normal AC service on the bellary road. Alternatively, the BIAS AC buses can take passengers from anywhere on Bellary Road AT THE NORMAL BMTC AC fare so as to ensure OPTIMUM UTILISATION OF THE BIAS AC BUSES as I find BIAS buses half-empty at many times. We shall appreciate immediate action in the matter.

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