Pay your property tax for 2012-13

It is time for property tax payments. A quick guide to the property tax with less hassles.

BBMP has started property tax payment collection for 2012-13. Application forms for tax payment are available at all offices for a fee of Rs 5. Garbage cess should be calculated and paid along with property tax.


  • No revision in rates. No change in self-declared tax and building depreciation.
  • Pay by 30th May 2012. After that, additional interest of 2% for every month of delay.
  • Get a rebate of 5% by paying the full amount by 30th April.


  • All BBMP offices and Bangalore One centers on all working days. Payment hours are from 9 am to 12.30 pm, and from 3 pm to 7 pm. Locate your Bangalore One centre here:
  • You can pay in two half-yearly installments. The first installment is due without interest by 30th May 2012 and the second without interest by 29th November 2012.


  • Those who have already declared tax for 2008-2009, can use their credit/debit cards to pay tax online on BBMP website.
  • For 2011-12 and 2012-13, pay at:
  • For 2009-10 and 2010-11, pay at:


  • All property owners with property in B Register (temporary Khata) and those who have not yet obtained a Khata can also pay tax in the nearest office.
  • Owners of properties in revenue layouts and apartments can pay self-declared tax in B Register in the nearest office until those sites are legalised under ‘Sakrama rule’. (Editor’s note: Readers, Sakrama Bill not yet approved by Governor of Karnataka)


  • Pay by cheques/DD/pay order or by credit/debit cards.
  • If tax amount is less than Rs 1,000, it can be paid by cash.
  • Those who pay by DD/pay order for amounts above Rs 15,000 will be given acknowledgement receipt immediately. For cheque payments, receipt will be given after cheque realisation. If cheque amount is less than Rs 15,000, acknowledgment will be given immediately.

This article was compiled with information from a BBMP release. For detailed guide, see:


  1. Samarth says:

    I want to pay the property tax online for this year. However, there is change in occupancy for my apartment from Owner to tenant.
    Could you please suggest how to pay online and which form to be used?


  2. S Srinivasan says:

    Though tax collection is smooth in some centres, Public are put into lot of inconveniences due to Staff making money in each application, delaying or refusing to issue Receipts , refusing to accept cheques , asking the public to come some other day to collect the receipts etc etc. These points have been brought to the notice of the BBMP Commissioner with a hope that suitable instructions / actions be taken immediately to correct the state of affairs. BBMP should appoint some officers, to whom the complainants can go to get the applications processed and receipts issued on the spot . Hopefully the public are not turned back to the same sharks who want money to process the cases. The staff gets from each applicant Rs.50/- to Rs. 100/- who do not have supporting Papers and do not know how to fill the Forms or even when everything is correct.
    It is time, BBMP shake up the whole system by spot surprise inspection without prior intimation on all centers of BBMP. For ease of payment by public paying taxes of properties located in far off places, BBMP should provide Centers who can issue receipts on the spot without any harassment. Municipal corporations are a bed of corruption since the applicant needs documents and the municipal staff make best use of this situation to make fast bucks. Can this situation be changed in India by honest officials ?

  3. S Srinivasan says:

    Go to, click on Property Tax calculator, click on Residential & Vacand land calculator, repeat in the next page, you get a Format. Fill the Zone and Year of construction. Fill the built up areas and car parking under Tenanted Columns. Click Submit.
    You will get the details. Fill up the Form 4 of this year with details available in the Calculator. The tax will be double for Tenants. Add SWM Cess of Rs. 360/- in the Green form that comes alongwith the main Form 4.
    Write a single cheque for both amounts with details given in the back of the cheque as well as in the Acknowledgement page. Submit the same in the BBMP office and take the receipt.

  4. Biswadeep Banerjee says:

    I have been paying the property as a self occupant of my flat. Now since its rented out I have to update the Form IV as tenant. Not sure how to do it.
    I see another form V, but cannot do anything as its asking for Internet application No. Can you help me with what is this number? Or some other way I can pay the tax for rented out.


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