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When can we truly 'fly over'?

When can we truly ‘fly over’?

I hate the word flyover. After crawling for half an hour to cross a few yards near the Yestwantpur junction – where a ‘flyover’ construction is underway – the BBMP mocks at me by saying ‘Construction is in progress. Go Slow’. There must be a grammatical error here – the word ‘Slow’ should be the first word in the sentence.

Is there any flyover in Bangalore on which we can literally ‘flyover’? If it were not in any stage of construction, there would be a traffic jam on it. Its more practical if these extended roads are called ‘crawl’ instead of ‘fly’.

Our phone conversations can be like this – Q. "Where are you?" A. "I am at the Hebbal crawl. Will call you when I reach Mekhri crawl" and Radio channels can announce, "Traffic Jam at Silk board, Double road, KRpuram crawls".

Once upon a time, the roads were widened on the Hosur road. However, that did not stop the crawling. Therefore, the Silk Board flyover came up – increased crawling. Around the same time, the Bannerghatta flyover started – more crawling  – with added dust and noise for the house owners in that area. Now there is an elevated road (another ‘fly’) to Electronic City. Some more crawls. However, I feel it is better to crawl than speed. The traffic department does not have to paint boards that say ‘Speed thrills but kills’. Guess they can reuse the boards if they work with BBMP to know where the next crawl project will come up. Our city’s roads symbolises our nation’s progress in the infrastructure projects – ‘crawl’.

"Honk", a motorist behind me is impatient. The vehicle ahead has crawled on a few feet. Time to move on.


  1. Deepa Mohan says:

    Enjoyed this very much Poornima! I have suffered through three Crawls…Dairy Circle, Silk Board, and Jayadeva…and now the Puttena halli underpass will take goodness knows how long…

  2. Poornima Dasharathi says:

    Thanks Deepa. Have been off the blogs for sometime. Do have a look at my latest one – this time no crawls, but a rally terrain in the city πŸ™‚

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