Trash doesn’t go away…


At Casa Ansal, on Bannerghatta Road, opposite Shoppers’ Stop, residents are deeply unhappy over their inability to do anything about the illegal garbage dump that seems to have come to stay, right against their compound wall.

"The tip was in one of the side roads of the Mini Forest," says Suresh, the manager of the apartment, "where it was at least on common property."

 ca trash 200112

Then, for no known reason (though the residents opine that it was at the behest of the house-owners on the two roads of the Mini Forest), the garbage dump was shifted to the side wall of the Casa Ansal residential complex.

"The whole road is messed up now," says Ratheesh, an auto driver who often parks at the auto stand at the corner. Rodents have increased manifold, and birds of prey like Barn Owls and Shikras hunt there regularly….but are unable to keep the rodent population in check.

The mess often overflows, in spite of tipper autos and collection carts calling there regularly

Recently, residents put up a banner that clearly announced that it was illegal to dump trash here, but the problem continues unchecked.

The corporator was unavailable for comment, says the Mangaging Committee, and remained so over several days. Many of the residents say that they have never seen their corporator and do not know who he is.

When will the resident of this apartment building have this unhygienic eyesore removed?




  1. Usha Srinath says:

    All of that stretch of Bannerghatta road is a huge garbage dump. There is an ever increasing dump on BG Road, that started just a few months back, just in front of the upcoming mall. I wonder how the local officials/corporators never notice it..everybody drives on that road including a VIP cavalcade yesterday. After repeated complaints some JCBs were sent to remove it, but it came back the very next day..people even dump construction debris there,,I wonder what the problem with enforcement is?

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