Trash and litter….


I was much struck by two scenes today.


One was at Lalbagh, where I went to see the Republic Day Flower Show.

trash b 250112

Lalbagh has been, for quite some time now, a "plastic-free" zone. Alas, the plastic-free remains within inverted commas, as the very stalls and shops put up in Lalbagh, to celebrate flowers and greenery, generate an immense amount of trash, which visitors and stall-holders alike leave strewn on the ground, with no thought of how it is to be managed or removed. The amount of waste and plastic trash that I saw today was staggering.

In J P Nagar 3rd Phase, I saw this tipper auto, dumping its waste into a compactor truck:

waste rmvl ca 250112

I have been to see the horrific, stinking landfills that this kind of unsegregated garbage winds up in, poisoning the entire environment

When are we going to stop feeling that "out of sight is out of mind", and start worrying about our dreadful habits of cleanliness and hygiene?




  1. Krishnaraj says:

    In this regard I appreciate the tourist places in Wayanad which has been declared as plastic free zone and authorities are very strict in implementing the same. In most of the places tourists are not allowed to carry eatables and plastic water bottles. If someone wants to carry plastic bottle they need to keep some security deposit. They will stick a label on the bottle and deposit will be refunded on showing the label while returning. This ensures tourists will not litter the bottle wherever they feel.

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