Citizen Matters-Offergrid launch daily deals for Bengaluru

City deals from over 17 categories ranging from health care and dance classes to dining and education are available for nearly 24 localities, now on Citizen Matters.

Starting with the holiday weekend of December 24th-25th, OfferGrid, a distribution network for service and product deals for publishers is powering local deals on Citizen Matters, Bangalore’s interactive newsmagazine.

Deals from over 17 categories ranging from health care and dance classes to dining and education are available for nearly 24 localities in Bengaluru, at the time of launch on December 24th. All major major localities such as Jayanagar, Indiranagar, Koramangala, Malleshwaram, etc, are covered. The deals are available for readers on the Citizen Matters home page, article pages, events pages and more.

Citizen Matters Offergrid

Launched in Q3 2011, OfferGrid Exchange is the flagship product of OfferGrid Networks, a product startup from Bangalore specializing in Internet based products and ventures. The company says it currently aggregates more than 6,000 offers daily from deal & coupon suppliers in India and US markets. OfferGrid has inked relationships with these suppliers to help them scale up their business through the network’s distribution partners (read publishers) i.e. website owners, bloggers & mobile application providers. OfferGrid is a cloud based technology platform and its solutions can be launched to address other global markets.

On the occasion of the announcement, Subramaniam Vincent, Managing Director, Oorvani Media, noted that the firm had been looking for a way to offer localised deals for readers of Citizen Matters.

"Oorvani Media specialises in publishing originally journalism and data on city and hyperlocal developments and events. Offergrid’s convenient GIS coded API allowed us to interweave everyday deals from all around Bangalore into our hyperlocalised content taxonomy to serve readers better. For us the Offergrid platform was good match to get a partnership going", said Vincent.

Commenting on the launch, Deepankar, Co-founder & CEO, OfferGrid Networks (P) Ltd, "Citizen Matters truly represents the voice of the citizen, and we feel privilieged to power contextual and hyperlocal deals for them." Speaking more about his offering, he stated, "Now users can find deals in their locality, neighbourhood and within close proximity areas easily. This adds immense value to the reader and helps him make the right and convenient purchase decisions in context."

Citizen Matters has published terms and conditions regarding the deals offering online at:

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