BESCOM woes for consumers

When summer starts, Bangaloreans face the prospect of power cuts. BESCOM makes no bones about the fact that it cannot provide electricity to its paying consumers the way it is supposed to do. 

But even after the monsoons set in, when the load is definitely lower, why does BESCOM resort to unsscheduled and long power cuts, without a word of warning, or apology? Can every consumer afford expensive UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) inverters?

I see nothing in the newspapers or media about the pathetic service provided by this utility. They seem to take the consumers for granted. They charge higher and higher rates by the slab, but have no accountability to the consumer when it comes to deficiency of service.

I normally do not like to just grouse, but do something about a problem, but in this case, I feel utterly helpless. I find that all sorts of people steal power from the grid, often with the connivance of the linemen of BESCOM.  I am told that loss of power on the distribution network is extremely high, and no steps are being to taken to contain it, except disconnecting the paying consumers for any late-paying or non-payment of an electricity bill. Why cannot BESCOM go after those who not only do not pay, but steal power through illegal connections? 

Paying consumers are harassed and made to pay several times…once through the charges, again through sufferring power cuts through each day, no matter whether it is a festival day or not, without even knowing when the power will go and when it will return….and through not being able to seek redressal for their grievances.


  1. Editors says:

    One can find notices of planned power cuts at:

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