Sewage backs up at newly rejuvenated lake, residents write to BBMP

With the drainage lines from Ambalipura clogged, sewage has backed up near the Ambalipura Lake. Residents and members of Forward150 federation are trying to get the authorities to act, but no response till date. 

Sewage overflows, adjacent to the lake.

Here is the text of the letter we are sending to the Commisioner, BBMP


To, The Commissioner, BBMP, Bangalore.

From, Residents living around Lower Ambalipura lake, and Federation of Resident welfare Associations of Ward 15, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

Sub: Sewerage contamination of recently restored Lower Ambalipura Lake

We, the concerned residents living around the Lower Ambalipura Lake, near Iblur Junction, Sarjapur Rd, would like to bring to your attention a matter that needs your urgent consideration. 

This lake was recently rejuvenated and has turned out as per most Limnologists an excellent effort worth the BBMP funds spent. The lake is home to many migratory birds now, and the water levels are a boon to the water starved communities in this area. See below photos of the restored lake:

Lower Ambalipura at better times.

There is however a recurring problem due to a ruptured UGD line that threatens to undo all the good work done by BBMP. The sewage line runs through the eastern border and goes downstream towards Sarjapur road.  The image below describes the issue:

  • During the restoration of the lake, BBMP found that the exit Raja kaluve was encroached upon.
  • A survey was done by competent authorities and certified by the Tahsildar, on basis of which BBMP /BMTF cleared the encroachments. A copy of the survey is attached below.
  • The sewage line in question was laid many years back by the erstwhile Bellandur Panchayat, and it carries the sewage of the entire Ambalipura Colony Upstream which comprises of a large number of homes and Apartments. 
  • Much of the UGD happens to be within the strip of land marked as ‘Raja Kaluve’
  • This line has become weak and is not capable of carrying the load. Further, the line has ruptured at the junction of Mantri Flora and Bulchee properties, resulting in the sewerage flowing into the storm water drain of Mantri Flora
  • Consequently, Mantri Flora has blocked the UGD manhole at the point where it enters their property, to prevent sewerage from entering their property. 
  • This has caused in the manhole upstream inside the lake compound to overflow, and this is now seeping into the lake. See pictures below:
  • Sewerage is also accumulating upstream in Ambalipura Colony, giving rise to a health hazard again to residents, not to mention contaminating drinking water.
  • The matter has been brought to the notice of all BBMP officials in the area including CE Venkatesh and Joint Commsioner Sri Devaraj.
  • Matter has been highlighted to Mr. Aravind Limbavalli, MLA Mahadevpura  and the local Corporator Mr.Babu Reddy.
  • Unfortunately even after all our efforts to highlight the issue to various authorities, the problem still remains.

    Sewage overflows, adjacent to the lake.

Requested Action:

  • The ruptured part of existing UGD should be immediately repaired, so that the flow of sewerage can recommence, without seeping into Mantri Flora.
  • The laying of a new, higher capacity UGD which has been taken up by Land Army be expedited.
  • The Land Army work is being delayed as they are awaiting permission from BDA for Road cutting in the Iblur Flyover area. This needs to be facilitated at the earliest.

This letter and mail is to appraise you of the situation that has the potential to become a social issue. We look forward to your timely intervention in solving this issue.

Best regards,

Residents of Lower Ambalipura and Federation of Resident Welfare associations of Ward 150

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