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WRRC presents "Whispering Wilderness" – a unique education workshop to introduce the concept of bio-diversity and its conservation.

The nine-weekend program starts on April 30th in Bangalore and features expert talks, team building activities, mind control, nature camps, photography and more!

We request you to go through the attached poster and if it interests you, please hurry to register.

About the Program (see attached image Whispering Wilderness 1280×800.jpg)
The program will run for 9 weeks on the weekends. The schedule will be as follows:

Weekend 1: Expert-Talks (2 hours each on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 2: Nature-Camp (full 2 days on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 3: Expert-Talks (2 hours each on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 4: Nature-Camp (full 2 days on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 5: Expert-Talks (2 hours each on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 6: Nature-Camp (full 2 days on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 7: Expert-Talks (2 hours each on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 8: Nature-Camp (full 2 days on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 9: Expert-Talks (2 hours each on Sat and Sun)

The following registration options are available:

a) Pay Rs. 2150 to enroll for all the Expert-Talks.
b) Pay Rs. 2150 per Nature-Camp. (There is no restriction if a participant wants to enroll for multiple Nature-Camps)
c) Pay Rs. 6000 to enroll for the comprehensive package – all Expert-Talks and 2 Nature-Camps of participant’s choice

The Expert-Talks will be held in Bangalore city at a convenient venue. Refreshments and reading material will be covered. Nature-Camps, will obviously be in the forest areas. Accommodation, travel, food and forest guide’s expenses will be covered.

How to Register? (see attached file Whispering Wilderness Registration Form.pdf)

Please find attached the registration form. The filled in forms with the payment and photo should be sent to:

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
‘Southern Cross’
9-A, Myrtle Lane
Richmond Town
Bangalore 560025

Payment can be done by cheque or DD drawn in favor of WRRC. All donations to WRRC are exempt for Income Tax (IT) under section 80G of the IT Act.

Hope this is convenient. It would be great if you can inform us after dispatching the envelope so that we can track it.
The receipt for the same will be handed over to you on the first day of the program. You can use the receipt for IT purposes.

Please feel free to call Rohit Agarwal at +919986304088 for any questions.

About WRRC

The Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Center was founded in 2000, in response to the need of small wild mammals, birds and reptiles found in the city by way of confiscation, injury or orphaned. It is the sister organization of CUPA. Around 500 wild animals and birds are received by the wildlife center at
Bannerghatta every year. Handled by dedicated staff and veterinarians, these precious wild animals and birds need careful monitoring, specialized diets,
treatments and knowledgeable handling so that they can be released in their habitats in the wild, where they belong.
We consider this an important center for the city, since it helps to sustain and protect Bangalore’s depleting wildlife. WRRC also helps to raise awareness
on conservation isssues and the need to protect the environment. Legal action, research on elephants in captivity, and changing public attitudes to
cruelties and abuse on wild animals has been an important mandate for us.

Both CUPA and WRRC are registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India. They have Income Tax exemption for all donations in India and charity status
in the United Kingdom. They are registered as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations in the United States.


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