Now Suncityzens on ORR want to protest

Fed up waiting for the builder to act on their promises for seven years, Suncity residents on outer ring road, are demanding action.

200 Suncity residents, an apartment community in south Bengaluru,  held a meeting on April 9th to remind the builders Corporate Leisure and Property development (CLDP) about the forgotten promises regarding ownership of common areas, maintenance fees and amenities. The project was launched by CLPD in 2003 with promises to provide various amenities such as club house / party hall/ swimming pool. It has nearly been 7 years and the project is still not complete and there are various other outstanding issues that current residents are facing.

Suncity aprtment owners raising their voices. Pic: SAOA

Though initially we had planned for a protest but postponed it due to some issues in obtaining police permission. However, we did have a meeting with suncitizens who came and discussed all the issues. Every suncitizen has pledged his or her support to SAOA (Suncity Apartments Owners Association) and pledged to remain united even in case of any adversity. We have close to 800 members in the association. We also had a signature drive to display our unity and inform builder about our unity.

Pending grievances as on April 9’2011:

  • Even after 3 years of formation of owners association of SunCity residents, SAOA (Suncity Apartments Owners Association with close to 800 members), the builder (CLPD) has not handed over the maintenance and ownership of common areas and amenities to SAOA. In-fact builder is not even recognising the association nor taking our inputs in running / maintaining our property.
  • All the residents had paid a deposit of about Rs. one lakh or more to CLPD to build a maintenance corpus, the interest of which was supposed to be used to maintain the premises. It was meant to be life-long maintenance that will be taken care offrom the interest of the corpus collected for the purpose. Besides, on 12/6/2010 it was agreed that CLPD will submit the expenses incurred, interest earned etc to be verified by SAOA’s committee before drawing a balance-sheet & Audited statement of accounts. However CLPD has unilaterally, drawn statement of accounts which has not been whetted or accepted by SAOA.
  • Various amenities promised by CLPD such as club house/party hall etc have not been developed and delivered to Suncity residents even after 7 years. While GENESIS, a property developed much later by the same builder has been given these facilities and the same is functional.
  • The boundary wall around SuncCity has not been completed, leaving the residents safety in a dangerous position. Thefts have increased by the day. Two instances of bikes stolen from the building basement parking have been reported in last 15 days. Stray dogs menace and poor-quality of security personnel deployed makes security virtually non-existent and outsiders/vendors enter Suncity and get into the residential blocks at their will. Also due to inefficient security deployed, migrant workers are using SUNCITY as a thoroughfare to move around and have pitched tents & huts in the adjoining areas for their stay, threatening the safety & security of the residents, our children and also possession / property / vehicles.
  • While Suncity is approved as a residential property layout, business entities are being opened by CLPD without consulting or getting consent from the owners & residents. The latest to go commercial is Block-6, where a restaurant & party-hall is coming up targeting not only Suncity residents not also nearby apartments like Euphoria, Genesis etc. The owner of the restaurant has not been able to show/claim any permission whatsoever for the commercial activity of opening a restaurant in block 6 when asked. This is bound to not only create a mess in a purely residential complex, but also attract unwanted patrons/visitors & customers who will break the privacy & security of the residents.

Resident’s Demands from CLPD

  • Recognise SAOA as the sole Owners & Residents Association for Suncity and involve us in all decision-making process pertaining to the apartment complex. Complete the project and finalise / negotiate modalities of handing-over the maintenance and running of Suncity to the owners / Association within 2 months.
  • CLPD should immediately start consulting SAOA and incorporating its inputs for revamping the pathetic security setup in place currently. Any contract renewal of security provider must be done in accordance with SAOA needs & requirements for all 20 blocks and with SAOA consent.
  • Stop further commercialisation of Suncity immediately.

About Suncity

Suncity is one of the biggest apartment complexes of Bangalore, located at the intersection of  Sarjapur Road and outer ring road. The apartment complex has more than 1200 apartment units and has been developed by Corporate Leisure Property Developers (CLPD).

Fed up of waiting. Pic: SAOA

About earlier mass protest

Suncity residents took out a silent protest march on 12th June 2010 to highlight the issues faced by them and apprise builder of responsibilities due from his end. This led to discussions with Builder who agreed to fulfill all commitments by 12th August, 2010. Media was also witness to the happenings and the agreement signed on 12/6/2010. Nothing has come of it, hence the new momentum.


  1. rekha Ramaswamy says:

    Dear Sir ,

    this is Rekha Ramaswamy , owner of the a flat no . 813. , 6th block , suncity apartments , please permit me to be a member of this group. . please update me with the proceeding that takes place in the groups. thanking you , Rekha Ramaswamy.

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