Inserts in newspapers…




Every morning when we open our newspapers, they scatter in a leaf-fall cataract…the little pamphlets that advertise all sorts of products and services.

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It is much cheaper for the advertisers to pay for such insertions in the paper, rather than pay for advertisements in the paper itself, which may also be missed out by the less-attentive page-turner! But alas, I have a mental block towards these ad-pamphlets, because they usually provide services that I am not interested in, and also, the putting in of these tracts by the newspaper agent occupies time, and delays the delivery of my newspapers. And since I buy more than one newspaper, I get multiple copies of the junk.

This photo shows advertisements for two educational programs and sale of silk sarees….there could be ads for laundry, pest control, taxi services, grocery stores, and of course, fast food….!

I think it’s such a waste of paper….but obviously, they must be quite effective, or the practice would not continue


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