Bengaluru Midnight Marathon awards on Dec 19th, Whitefield

The Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor has released the winners in all sections of the Bangalore Midnight Marathon, held Dec 11th-12th. Awards ceremony is on December 19th at Whitefield.

The Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor released the winners in all sections of the Bangalore Midnight Marathon (BMM) on December 12th, Sunday evening. BMM 2010 was held Dec 11th midnight to early hours of Dec 12th. 

The awards function has been scheduled for 19th Dec from 11am onwards at Fortune Select Trinity Hotel, Whitefield. 

Full marathon


1. Tsegay Hiluf     (Ethopia)       2:26:40    (Chest No. 123)   Rs.50,000

2. Yashewas Abet  (Ethopia)     2:27: 22   (Chest No. 122)     Rs.25,000

3. Bhaskar Kamble (India)          2:27:57    (Chest No. 118)  Rs.15,000


1. Meher D’Mello          4:20:44    (Chest No. 075)  Rs.50,000

2. Dr. Amrita Mitra Basu 4:31:25   (Chest No. 056)  Rs.25,000

3. Thara Tapa                4:42:32   (Chest No. 041) Rs.15,000


Half Marathon


1. Mifta Bedea (Ethopia) Chest No. 902   Rs.25,000

2. Goverdhan Lal Milik (India) Chest No. 287   Rs.15,000 

3. Demeke (Ethopia) Chest No. 903    Rs.10,000


1. Helen Millson (USA)    1;45:29     Chest No. 844   Rs.25,000

2. Arundathi Suresh         1:54:06     Chest No. 984  Rs.15,000

3. Neera Katwal               1:56:25     Chest No. 867  Rs.10,000

Medals and certificates to all those who finished the half and full marathons. 


CISCO Women’s  Relay  (Corporate cup)

1. Runner Girls India

2. Cisco ‘A’

3. Goldmen Sachs


Champions Group Corporate Relay (Corporate cup)


2. Champions Group ‘B’

3. Champions Group ‘A’

Certificate for all participating teams. 


IT City run (Medals)


1. Druva Jordan     Chest No. 196

2. Venkatesh        Chest No. 388

3. Bharath             Chest No 387


1. Ann-Christin Milsson (Germany)     Chest No 1091

2. Malle Borrego     Chest No. 1890

3. Aditi Rao     Chest No. 46 C

Certificates to all who finished the Run.


Community Relay (Community cup)

1. Chaitanya Armadale
2. Global Green kids
3. Water Woods

Rotary Relay (Rotary cup)

1. Rotary Lakeview
2. Rotary Club Indira Nagar
3. Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor

Certificates to all participating teams. 



BMM 2010 was a popular event without a doubt. Participants were happy with the aid stations and over support for the runners.

Full marathon men’s winner, Ethiopian Tsegaye Hilufu is a full-time athlete based in Addis Ababa. He told Citizen Matters he would appreciate an invitation from the organiers of the Mumbai Marathon in January.

An American, Helen Millson from New York won the women’s half marathon. Arundhati Suresh and Neera Kotwal of India came second and third respectively.

The men’s full marathon third place winner was a farmer from Maharashtra, Bhaskar Kamble.

The second place finisher for the men’s half marathon was an from the IAF base in Jalahalli, Bangalore, Goverdhan Lal.

One of the olders men’s half marathon finishers was Dinesh Kumar, 74. He did it in a timing of 2 hours 50 mins. Kumar suffers from mild BP but everything was under control when he ran. He runs 6 marathons each year he says and is next getting ready for the Mumbai Marathon. Kumar is a corporate consultant and trainer.

The youngest finisher of the men’s half marthon was Harish, 14, from Whitefield, Bengalur. He is a student of a local school in Whitefield and finished in 1 hr 25 mins. He was thrilled to finish well and was shivering when he spoke to Citizen Matters and had his picture taken.

The challenges

The organisers did little to clear the air quickly after it became apparent that the half marathon’s men result were being contested. A few announcements may have helped. There was some confusion, after Sikkim’s R V Subba, who ended 4th place contested for the first place. Organisers finally went with the first three places as originally announced the same night.

Runners from both the women’s relay team and the from men’s marathon had complained about confusing timing recordings and distance measurements.

Organisers stuck to most of the announcing in English. A little more Kannada would have helped. Some of the local teams, especially for the marathon relay were having trouble following the instructions regarding relay/baton changeover at a dedicated zone for it at the start line.

Updated 4pm, December 13th 2010.


  1. Sanjay Vijayaraghavan says:

    Nice to hear about the Marathon and people enjoying the event. However, as an area resident who happened to use the road at 9:00pm unaware of the impending Marathon – I found myself stuck in an enormous traffic snarl for 45 minutes (over a distance of 1-2km). One half of the road had been closed without proper traffic management planned. Finally, was able to extricate myself and go back home, a nice evening ruined and plans laid waste. This part of the event needs much better planning and management next time.

  2. Dilip says:

    Sanjay, didn’t you see the clear police postings for days in advance advising the public not to park on the Main road? And didn’t you see all the policemen controlling the traffic so that blockages were prevented?

    I didn’t either.

    Strange, because I’m sure the promoters and the Whitefield police were paid to do just these things.

  3. Gautham says:

    It is ironic that the theme of the event was for a Greener Bangalore. While on the run, we saw huge traffic jam on the other lane of the road with cars, trucks, buses lined up emitting thick smoke, honking in competition. While on the run, we were supposed to take a U turn at the end of 2 km and come back on the same route. Surprised to see that the route did not have any demarcation for the onward and return. Result: head-on collision πŸ™‚ was very uncomfortable to run. Another goof up, convoy of Chief Guest, Minister R Ashok, of 3-5 cars were allowed on to the running route while the event was going on, causing great danger for the runners. The event was held near ITPL last time which did not see so many problems. Could have considered having this year’s event at the same location. It took close to 90 minutes to get out of the location due to huge traffic pile up. Never ever will participate if this is the way event is organised. Regards Gautham CB

  4. Ajith Jagadish says:

    I must appreciate their effort in putting up such a highly disorganised event! They need to be felicitated for their efforts.


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