Tweeters push Saaku rage online, as Bangaloreans rally against corruption

Saaku has picked up quickly this week and is now a mini-rage on twitter at Bengaluru hit Friday weekend night on December 10th. December 11th is D-day.

It’s called Saaku.

It has picked up quickly this week and is a mini-rage on twitter as Bengaluru hit Friday weekend night on December 10th. Bangaloreans online are now chirping away to reach asking more and more people to join the Saaku rally against corruption on Saturday morning.

Swarathma, one of the city’s leading rock bands, has thrown its support for the rally. Pic:

Walkers will start from Kanteerava Stadium at 930 and converge to Shantinagar Grounds at 1030 am, next to the Hockey Stadium, for meeting and a rally.

Tweeted EndhirenV2dot0, at around 11pm, when this article was getting published, ""Join us 4 d ‘march against corruption tomo 11th dec @9.30am, let us all voice out corruption!"

Scores of such tweets sounding the Saaku bells are pouring out of supporters all over the city. Each is hoping to hit a larger and larger fanout with their tweet and reinforce the others with their messages in support.

This wave of ‘we’ve had enough’ comes in the wake of scam after scam hitting the headlines in India for the past several months – the CommonWealth Games scam, the Adarsh Society scam, the massive 2G spectrum sale scam and Karnataka’s own land notification scam, with chief minister B S Yeddyurappa caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Going by the energy levels amongst organisers as well rising interest amidst city youth, Saaku is Bangalore’s ‘shoutback’ to the powers that be that corruption in public life now has a new enemy: The people. Middle income, well-educated and well-heeled Bangaloreans are finally getting together saying enough is enough.

A range of the city’s reform minded NGOs and volunteer networks are backing the rally. Ipaidabribe, Forward 150, Praja, Association for Democratic reforms, Namma Bengaluru foundation, Daksh, EmpowerBengaluru, Smartvote, and Yuva Bengaluru are some of the backers of the campaign.

College students from BMS College of Engineering, National College, St Joseph’s College of Arts, Indian Institute of Science, Mount Carmel College, PES Institute of Technology, Jyothi Niwas College, and R V College have all signed up for the rally.

In a sign of clear support for its rising stature amongst the reform-minded and better-off citizens, Lok Satta is the lone political party involved and has been backing the campaign from the word go. Lok Satta’s Dr Shankara Prasad led a Sachidanandanagar citizens’ movement to a spectacular victory just a few weeks ago at the Rajarajeshwari Nagar BBMP office. The hard fought campaign helped over 100 citizens get their Khatas without bribes at midnight, and many more after that.

It isn’t clear how many will really converge at the Saaku rally on December 11th. But two popular rock bands with major following amongst the youth in Bengaluru have chipped in. Music and idealism have always been a good mix. Thermal and a Quarter’s presence to perform live and Swarathma’s quickfire composition on youtube have given a filip to the campaign.


  1. Anantha Krishna says:

    It is high time for the general public to revolt against the corrupt politicians and Govt. Officials by refusing to pay and be part of corruption. People should identify and come out openly against the corrupt politicicans and Govt. officials by putting social boycot in the soceity.

  2. Deepa Ranganathan says:

    It was a great gathering of different people coming together for a common cause.

  3. Sri Guru says:

    Looks like we need this in all states and thruout India mainly the Central Govt, NOT STATE govt. Until the party at the centre and the family ruling is removed premanently. Must be done like Egypt. India will be free.

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