We don’t deserve bad roads, unhygienic surroundings

Six months after they voted for the new Corporator, HSR layout residents are still waiting for pending public works to be completed.

Much before the   much hyped BBMP elections early this year, regular write ups were penned down in the media by a number of residents of H S R Layout on "What are our expectations from the new Corporator?". This was followed up by discussing these very points during the campaigning. Later a copy of these were given to the Corporator when there was an interaction between prospective candidates and residents organised by the Federation at H S R club.

Subsequently, after elections, a number of petitions have been given by Federation/ RWAs of HSR Layout. Also there have been discussions with the Corporator from time to time. Assurances were given that these will be addressed and grievances redressed. The ground truth is that the situation is ‘Status Quo’ except for a few tree plantation and inauguration of parks from time to time .The core issues remain on paper only.

What more inputs are expected by the Corporator from the RWAs? Besides the numerous complaints to BBMP / BDA on infrastructure petitions have also been given to other authorities from time to time by RWAs. A number of issues mentioned in our pleas do not require allocation of funds as is made out by powers that be and civic authorities. It requires vigorous follow up by/ with concerned civic authorities to complete the tasks with focus and commitment.

A few important issue are reiterated

Garbage Disposal / hygiene issues

  • Systematic management of garbage in public areas, proper handling of segregation and ensuring clean and healthy surrounding /environment by BBMP and BDA.
  • BBMP must act in a focused and dedicated manner for ensuring the layout is free of stray dogs and pigs. This menace is continuing unabated all over the layout  in spite of MLA’s assurances almost 18 months back.
  • Maintenance of Vacant Plots by BBMP and recovering the cost from owners during payment of property tax. This was assured by the Corporator almost 3 months back. What happened to the plan?

Bad Roads, congestion and encroachments

  • The mutilation of roads by KPTCL during laying of underground cable almost four months back  is an eyesore. It has just been left without restoring to original state. The footpaths for pedestrians is practically unavailable.
  • BMTC, in liaison with BBMP, must take action to shift Parangipalaya Bus stand shift to the already identified place near the junction of 17 th cross and 22 Main, as  the  present bus stand is a big bottleneck with attendant implications of accidents.
  • 2 wheelers / 4 wheelers are moving at break neck speed on these roads in the residential area particularly on the 24 th Main Road stretch). There is an urgent need on installation of speed breakers at important junctions. Are the authorities and powers that be waiting for a fatal accident to occur before reacting (As it happened 3 years back when a senior Army officer was killed by vehicles at 22 nd cross). There was near fatal accident involving two vehicles at the crossing near HSR club last week. Why can’t the concerned authorities be proactive? Linked to this is the issue of non functional street lights
  • Immediate vacation of encroachments / unauthorised vendors  and labour camps along  main roads particularly  on 24th main Road   from Puravankara  apartments to junction of 24 th main road and 17 th Cross .Auto repair shops, vegetable hawkers and other shops have intruded into the otherwise narrow road space .
  • I have been personally following up , during the last 3 years with local  Army authorities and BDA to ensure completion of 27 th Main Road. This piece of land is under dispute because a portion of the land beyond junction of 22 nd cross and 27 th Main belongs to the Army. Therefore BDA was unable to complete work on the pavement .This dispute is been on for three years now. Though it is understood all documents pertains to swapping of lands to facilitate Road work.

There is an urgent and inescapable need for BBMP /BWSSB/BESCOM/POLICE and other civic agencies to work in a proactive, integrated focused and committed manner. The concerned authorities must agree to a schedule to Federation and RWAs and follow  it through.

The Corporator must ensure that the civic agencies provide basic and well maintained infrastructure in the layout. .There is a need for a transparent and open communication with the residents. My suggestion to the Corporator  is  that  she should take one or two issues every month and go full blast to resolve them and bring joy to the residents

The ever present situation of Government toppling should not affect the routine functioning of civic authorities and they and the elected representatives should not give this as an excuse 


  1. T.Arumugam says:

    Civic authorities have to visit daily esp. during night hours since the heavy vehicles are making the roads as parking places and ask the encroachers to vacate or to levy some huge amount as tax which will discourage the continuance and a sizable amount will be loaded to the exchequers.

  2. suresh says:

    It is clearly evident from the fact that a wrong candidate is chosen as a corporator.
    It is a fact that the chosen candidate had to spend 3 crores to get elected.
    So the need to recover the money,any effort by the residents cannot be fulfilled due to this reason.
    So lets wait for 5 more years to choose the right candidate

  3. Nitin Namdeo says:

    Many people fail to realize this but we work day and night in this economy and give away MORE THAN 50% of our hard earned money to the government in form of various taxes (directly or indirectly):

    – Income Tax
    – Profession Tax
    – Property Tax
    – Service Tax
    – Value Added Tax
    – Customs Duty
    – Entertainment Tax
    – Stamp Duty
    – Property Registration Tax
    – Capital Gains tax
    – Security Transaction Tax
    – Corporate Tax
    – Excise Duty
    – Divident Distribution Tax
    – Minimum Alternate Tax
    – Gift Tax
    – Road Tax
    – Perquisite Tax
    – Interest & Penalties on delay or under payment of taxes
    – Fees Collected by Government for Various Services
    – BRIBES Collected by bureaucrats

    After all this, Is this the kind of service and infrastructure we have to live with?

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