BBMP Control Room Numbers

Here's a complete list of phone numbers of all the control rooms across BBMP zonal offices.

The following are the phone numbers of BBMP control rooms across their zonal offices.

BBMP Control Room Phone Numbers by Citizen Matters


  1. Prasad S says:

    Bull Temple Road, next 2 BSNL office there is a road which connects to Main Road, where there is a separation which was contacted by a Iron Grill. But the Grills are in very dangerous state. Please do the needful asap.

  2. Damodaran Shanmugam says:

    Today i couldnt go to office as our roads are completely blocked due to water pipe laying work. BWSSB or BBMP folks could have made alternate arrangement by moving the hallow briks which were on the side of the road and the car parked next to it and made provision for close to 40 families living in this road. We do not have alternate roads to get out to the main roads, even going by two wheeler was very difficult with the worker occupying the place with pipes and materials. Dont they have to take permission from BBMP before doing such road cuttings and blocking the traffic. Incase if this happens again, where do we have to complain. Please help. Road: Damodar Mudaliayar street First cross, Ulsoor , bangalore . My name is Damodaran – contact can be provided on request from BBMP

  3. Suhas HV says:

    Hello,I want to bring your kind attention about the traffic situation near Sony world junction,
    From the past couple of weeks am travelling through Sony world junction and am observing near SONY WORLD (coming from madiwala to Sony world) signal every day I see a very slow moving traffic once the signal has given because of the bad road condition without any proper maintenance, vehicles has to either pass through the pothole or have to leave that space and have to move. Please can you redirect this to concerned department to patch up the road so that traffic congestion will be avoided with free flow once the signal has been given.

  4. Ajith Nambiar says:

    Dear Sir/madam,

    A trench dug right across the road on the 1st Cross, Sai baba temple road Cambridge layout was never closed properly.

    This trench has been the reason for many a bike accidents as Cars brake suddenly and innocent bikers behind them react and skid resulting in Traffic blocks and hence the post here.

    Kindly notify the right/responsible personnel as these small accidents are just a fore warning of the big impending accident waiting to happen- This is truly a matter of Life and Death for some innocent biker who may be a brother/father/son/mother/sister.

    Please do the needful.Thank you.


  5. Vishanth Ragunath says:

    1. The road near Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road | ASC College | Lifestyle (Victoria Layout) | Garuda Mall | Hosmat Hospital | Leela Palace = Can these roads be patched atleast for a while? The journey TO & FROM office. Why are these been not noticed these many days? Please look into this. Thanks. Vishanth

  6. Ganesh Kalmane says:

    Main Road (Kuvempu Road) in Vignana Nagar (- Road opposite to Fair choice Super Market) in Ward 81 was asphalted in May 2013, just before elections. The road has already developed gaping potholes. the same applies to some of he cross roads.

    Whichever contractor did this work should have given a Guarantee on this work. Please look into this and have this road re-asphalted immediately. Otherwise, potholes are going to become bigger and bigger

  7. Ravish Jangamkota says:

    KR Puram traffic seems to break its record everyday… Today it was almost up to Ram murthy nagar… Are the authorities looking at doing something here?

    Bad roads… full of pot holes… not asphalted since ring road was formed… roads dug up on either side… The whole stretch over Benganahalli Fly Over, roads near and besides hanging bridge is in very bad shape. Please do something and save our valuable time and valuable fuel.

  8. Vivek Sharma says:

    Please repair the road from Hoskote-Kadugodi, there are big craters on the road and it is becoming difficult day by day to commute on this road.

  9. Sajin Pampady says:

    The condition of ORR is very bad. There are lots of big potholes near Kuvembu Circle Railway Under bridge(Near BEL Circle), Tin Factory, Tin Factory Bridge(towards Hebbal), because of this only major traffic happening here in the peak hours. Please do the needful ASAP.

  10. raghav says:

    hi, why are the roads in mysore road near bhel is still not asphalted? its been ages the road are worse, have you ever driven in these roads, I think I might have sell my indian bike and car and buy motocross bike and hummer to travel in these road. it so dusty that incant even 5ft in front of me. please take some serious action asap.

  11. Rao Sudhindra says:

    Dear BBMP Mayor/Commissioner, you have done very nice job constructing Rapid under-pass/bridge on new air-port road which brought great signal free road. We know there are many holidays falling on forthcoming months hence BDA/BBMP could have taken advantage to rapid underpass construction using magic box as short term strategy especially at major hyper critical junctions 1. Silk board junction 2. Dairy/forum circle signal 3. KR Service roads, as many of our friends keep complaining these 3 junctions traffic jam were horrible.

  12. Shagird Meethaley K says:

    Dear Team,
    As your aware that the road widening work is happening between the stretches from CV Raman nagar BEML gate and connecting to jeevanbhimanagar.The road approaching from GM palya BEML via to Jeevanbhima nagar is in a very bad condition.The bitumen layer which was applied on concrete is now chipped off and it has caused potholes all around.The traffic movement is affected badly and it is very dangerous in the night time to drive due to poor lighting in this area.There is chance of accident and can even bring huge vehicle damage and healh issues.HAL factory is located on this road and many people traveling to C V Raman Nagar,Bhagmane tech park and kaggadaspura has to take up this road apart from the Tippasandra main road.Kindly address this issue at the earliest.I would request atleast fill the potholes as a temporary measure till the main project is completed.
    Kind Regards

  13. Sureshkumar Venkatachalam says:

    The drainage system in 8th main 7th cross Hoysalanagar of Ramamurthyagar is very pathetic, the nearby R K Apartments drainage water does not flow in the drainage system, instead it flows in the ditches of the 7th cross leading to drainage smell always. It rained today adn the road is clogged with water from more than an hour and it is not drinaed yet. Please look into it ASAP.

  14. gayathri says:


    There is road work(new road laying)at Kalappa Layout 1st Cross(Rajanna Colony) started 2 weeks ago. This area is Basavanagar.

    Today after work I return home to see that my water connection is completely removed and I see the water pipes used are lying next to my door.

    My water connection is removed out completely and all the water pipes left scattered.

    I can share pics if required on this.

    I recently got water connection, now again whole thing is messed up and I end up spending my time,money and energy and getting all this fixed.

    Can some one help me with this Please.

    This is unacceptable behaviour from the workers on construction of roads, messing up other things. Now no water currently for my family ๐Ÿ™

    Please take action and help me fix this up at the earliest.

  15. Vinod srinivasreddy says:

    i required a legal advice in my area i am facing parking problem my house is last house.
    my neighbour is occupied opposite to dead end road side i.e 10 feet front due to that we are not able to park the vehicles kindly suggest

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