At the J P Nagar 3rd Phase Telephone Exchange

Since I have a BSNL broadband connection and since this is India, the connection does cause problems once in a while, and I lost all connectivity for a couple of days.

In such situation, I have two alternatives: register a complaint on the phone, and wait for action…or just take my modem and laptop, and go to the (luckily, nearby) J P Nagar 3rd Phase Telephone Exchange, where I have always found the staff very helpful and friendly. 

Here are the two Junior Telecom Engineers, Ms Padmaja and Ms Nagarathna:

padmaja and nagaratna BSNL 070910 

There is also Pushpa, who is on a contract basis; all these ladies are knowledgeable about their work, and handle the numerous complaints quite efficiently. However, since the BSNL broadband often does give problems, they have a lot of irate and impatient  customers to talk to! For all this, they don’t lose their cool, and I find them quite courteous. In fact, I’d say they have become part of my life….I was asking Nagarathna about her children and she told me that her daughter (in the IT field!) in Australia would be celebrating her first wedding anniversary in a few days’ time, having got married on the day Id was celebrated last year!

They are assisted by Mr Ravi, and it’s Mr Krishnamurthy, the lineman, who most often visits my apartment to look into problems at this end of the connection.

So, if you live in the J P Nagar 3rd Phase area, and like me, face problems with the telephone or the internet connection….get to know these efficient ladies at the Exchange!


  1. D says:

    Hi Deepa,

    Could you please share the mobile number of Mrs. Nagaratna. Huh! You are right; ‘Band of Ladies’ is really capable. To be honest, I was pretty shocked to see the enthusiastic and dedicated workers in Indian govt. office πŸ˜‰

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