Entrepreneurship Education Program for Women

Invitation: 10,000 Women 2010

Greetings from NEN!

We’re writing to inform you of an exciting entrepreneurship education program that might be of interest to you or to someone you know.

Launched by Goldman Sachs, the 10,000 Women program is a global initiative to increase the number of under-served women receiving business and management education. The initiative rests on the belief that partnerships between education, development and business experts can help bring about significant change through improved business education for women. The Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, is the academic partner for the 10,000 Women program in India.

Through this programme, Goldman Sachs and the ISB are offering an intensive course to provide world-class education to help women entrepreneurs to think big, and to grow their businesses.
This year, courses will be taught in several cities. Currently, applications are being accepted for Hyderabad and Bangalore. Deadline for application for Bangalore is 23rd August and for Hyderabad is 24th August. Courses start in October, and scholarships are available.

If you are a woman who:

• owns a business with revenues in between 5 and 50 Lakhs of rupees
• does not hold an MBA, Ph.D or MD
• has good command over English (medium of instruction will be English)

…then click the link to download the application form after reviewing the detailed program brochure.

We’re delighted to be able to let you know about this exciting opportunity. Please do contact me with any questions.

Best regards,

Sunitha Prasad
Manager | Resources Bureau
National Entrepreneurship Network
A Wadhwani Foundation Initiative

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