Extend rebate period for property tax

IT has been announced recently for the collection of tax for the year 2010-11 with a rebate of 5% only upto 30th April 2010.

This period being the bottleneck of the year, where previous years dues of loan, interest etc would have been paid by 31st March. The burden of children education, holiday expenses ( either you have to move out or relatives move in), the current cost of essentials – food and vegetables, etc. which are unavoidable to be postponed and has to be met.

In many cases, contributions to the recently held elections have also been met by many indirectly, which affects the financial situation.

Under these circumstances, we request that the rebate period be extended for two more months ( upto June) as was done last year.

This will help many prompt tax payers and the corporation can save a lot and even get the blessings of its citizens.


  1. P Kumar says:

    Still forms are not available in some areas. In the past due date used to be 31 May of the year. If the BBMP maintains the same date, then it is helps the residents.

  2. a p suresh babu says:

    ON LINE PROPERTY TAX PAYMENT :A couple of days back, I had posted a complaint regarding difficulties in paying property tax online. I paid tax on line, then I found that the Receipt could not be generated. The Amount was already deducted from my Credit Card. As a result of my contact with BBMP Authorities through email, the problem was sorted out. Finally I was able to generate receipt. Payment details are available but still the application (for 2010-2011) cannot be generated. For this I am continuously in touch with BBMP Authorities.

  3. D R Prakash says:

    Dear APSB,

    Please dont wait to pay your tax on line, but go and pay it at the help center as even those who have paid the taxes for the year 2008-09 & 2009-10, the update for 2008-09 is improper and shows that payment is due.

    I understand that you have got the receipt only now, it will take time to get your folio updated.

  4. a p suresh babu says:

    Please refer my comments regarding difficulties in paying property tax online. Now I have printed the receipt as well as the Form. BBMP IT Team, had contacted and guided me properly. So I don’t think, I should make a duplicate payment at the Help Counter. In any case I will submit a copy of the printout(form) and receipt, to the Help Counter. There is always a possibility that after sometime they may issue a notice that we did not pay tax. It happened last year. It may happen this year also. Mr.D.R.Prakash, thanks for your kind advise.

  5. D R Prakash says:

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    Dear Sir,


    WE, on behalf of a large number of prompt tax payers of Bangalore would like to express our sincere thanks to BBMP and the government for the action of the time and need, in extending both the periods of rebate and without penalty, i.e. till 30th May and 30th June respectively.

    But the same, if done a couple of days in advance, would have received a much more applause and would have avoided the last minute arrangements beyond one’s reach, hence it may be adopted next time if necessary.

    Further, the BLOCK PERIOD has been re-modulated in the year 2008-09 to THREE YEARS, which was hitherto FIVE YEARS and reverting it to its original duration is recommended for the co-operation of the general public, who are bitten by the day to day price hike of the essentials, which is slightly away from the reach of the hands of even the government, as many factors decide it.

    Thanking your entire team once again, Sir,

    Sincerely Yours,
    for ORARWA,



    Date : 03 05 10.

  6. Nagaraja Magonahalli says:

    your request has met with success after one year. New Mayor has made announcement extending rebate of 5% for property tax payments in May 2011. congrats.

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