Deity decoration: a special art

Sridhar decorates the deites for occasions such as Narasimha Jayanthi, Gokulastami, Shravana Shanivara and other festivals.

On the ninth day from Ugadi, in Srinidhi Srinivasa temple in Konankunte, Lord Srinivasa was transformed into Rama. This is a special art practised by deity decorator Sridhar K S, who says “I am doing this out of my own interest for the past eight years, and I derive happiness from it”.

Diety decoration. Pic: Chetan Boray.


Sridhar K S. Pic: Chetan Boray.

Sridhar also makes special decorations for occasions such as Narasimha Jayanthi, Gokulastami, Shravana Shanivara and other festival days, when the Sreenivasa or Vishnu idol is transformed into his many avatars. He uses simple natural materials like banana stem and leaves and sarees. Sridhar stays in Srinagar and runs a stationery shop for his livelihood.  ⊕

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