Seasoned panchayat officials, fresher in fray at Bellandur

Citizen Matters caught up with Bellandur candidates - Babu Reddy (INC), P Mahesh of JD(S) and Jagannath Reddy (BJP).

Babu Reddy, 37 is a resident of Devarabisanahalli. His ambition includes reading and social service. He has been part of social service projects such as building government schools at Devarabisanahalli, Kanahalli, Sullikunte to organising blood donation camps etc. He joined the Congress 15 years back and was the gram panchayat member between 2000-05. He is married to Sashikala and has two children.

38 year P Mahesh is a native of B Nagasandra village near Bellandur Lake. He studied in Muni Hobbamma Boys High School, Coxtown and is into real estate business. Married to Shweta, Mahesh has a 4-year old daughter. His family is not into politics however he has been a JD(S) worker since 1989 He plans to look into issues concerning water, drainage, park, lakes etc. Mahesh is contesting the BBMP elections for the first time.

Jagannath Reddy 48, comes from a political family. His father was elected as Vice president of Bellandur Gram Panchayat 1962-78 and his uncle held the post from 1972-83. Between 83-94 there were no elected representative; In 94 -2003, Jagannath Reddy won as an independent. From 2003, when the panchayat was reserved for SC/ST, he devoted his time towards social service, and temple renovation in his village.

Jagannath’s family has traditionally been against Congress. His seven brothers include a software engineer in US, media person working in Doordarshan, Bangalore and Forest department official. Married to Shaila, his hobbies include watching news on TV. He also grows paddy and coconut in his ancestral land in Bellandur.

Citizen Matters asked the candidates to share their views on some important policy matters.

1. Road widening – Should TDR be withdrawn and cash compensation be given for people losing property on roads being widened?

Jagannath Reddy: Alternative land is better, not money, TDR ok in some places. In villages, complete houses will go. Better to discuss with people.
Mahesh – cash is better
Baby Reddy: Look at other options, take other govt land and make new roads. Nobody should be troubled.
(What if there is no space for new roads, like in well developed areas City centre) – that I cannot comment on.

2. Do you support growth limits for Bengaluru as a condition for road widening? Would you stop issuing new apartment and new layout sanctions to reduce traffic on roads and reduce demand on water?

Jagannath Reddy: Yes, better to stop. First give proper infrastructure then look at growth
Mahesh: (No) Growth and development is good
Baby Reddy: Growth cannot be stopped. Not in our country. We cannot tell people not to build.

3. Do you support Akrama/Sakrama?

Jagannath Reddy: Yes. Regularise, collect penalty, use revenue to provide drinking water and other infrastructure. 90% construction is illegal in Bangalore. Revenue layouts, no proper roads, 4-5 floors are built in gramthana, 8-10 families live there…
Mahesh – Madle beku (Yes, will support)
Baby Reddy: I don’t have that much info on it. Have to see…

4. Do you support BBMP corporation schools teaching in English medium?

Jagannath Reddy: Yes, better to teach in English, Eng is necessary for all; difficult to teach some (science) words in Kannada. English is helpful when they travel…In, 96, I got computers for the government school.
Mahesh: Kannada medium better
Baby Reddy: No, only kannada medium

5. Do you support bus sign boards in regular BMTC buses in English and Kannada, or Kannada only like it is now?

Jagannath Reddy: Yes. Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city, both kannada and English are important.
Mahesh: yes both are required
Baby Reddy: English is also needed.

6. Views on Gated community

Jagannath Reddy: Sometimes good – if developer provides proper roads etc then ok. Good for security, if you open it up, means it will become commercial, traffic problem

7. Do you support higher pay for corporators

Jagannath Reddy: No, it is a honorary job, no need for high pay, only need basic needs like office, telephone, assistants etc.
Mahesh: yes, they should give salary
Baby Reddy: Corporators will differ in their opinion…depends on what everybody wants.

8. Will you guarantee there is nobody with criminal background as part of your campaign

Jagannath Reddy: Yes
Mahesh: nobody like that is there
Baby Reddy: 100% no

Affidavit Analysis (compiled by Vadiraja Bhatt)


 Mr. Jagannath


Mr. Babu Reddy


 P. Mahesh


Any criminal case in past




Any  criminal accusations




Vehicles owned

For Escort

Honda Activa

Maruti esteem

Gold /Silver




Money in the bank




Houses/Apt owned

5.5 gunta in Bellandur where apt is being built and they own 8 houses. (Value of 60Lakhs)

3 other houses which are leased. Residing house in Bellandur. Commercial complex in Bellandur (30Lakhs)

Site in Tumkur.


Loans from Bank



Rs 30,000/- for car

Agricultural Land

28 Guntas( 95Lakhs worth)

10 Guntas(44 Lakhs)







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