Another landmark bites the dust…

I went to Basavanagudi and was saddened to find that one more landmark, Cauvery Petrol Pump, had quite literally bitten the dust….

cauvery petrol pump 060110 blr

In conjunction with BBMP’s new policy of not planting any more trees, we are going to have a treeless, desert city of roads alone…


  1. Pramod Naik says:

    It’s not as if Cauvery petrol pump was full of trees. The two – petrol pump and the lack of trees – are not connected. It’s upto us in the final analysis – choose trees all over or wide roads to drive our cars. We can’t speak from both sides of our mouth. There’s plenty green in Bangalore already.

  2. Deepa Mohan says:

    When each area of land that has two trees loses the green cover, think of the total effect all over Bangalore. “There’s plenty green in Bangalore already” is the thinking that is making a desert of our city.

    What on earth is the use of wider roads for the cars if we keep on adding cars at the present rate? I lived through the cutting down of nearly 40 trees at the site of the present Jayadeva flyover. The flyover took 3.5 years to build, made life miserable for the people of the area, and within a few years of its opening, the road is jam-packed again. There is now the same choked traffic, with no shade, narrow pavements, and a road that is very dangerous for pedestrians to cross.

    Now, in some areas like J P Nagar, the BBMP is looking to break into the gardens of residents. What next?

    I am NOT speaking “from both sides of my mouth”. I do NOT want wider and wider roads that encourage motorized traffic, making life miserable for cyclists, pedestrians, older people and children.

  3. Shailaja Nagaraj says:

    seriosuly i wish ppl who spk through their hats abt “There’s plenty green in Bangalore already” need to have those thoughts pass through their brains before its written. Destroying trees so another thousand cars consuming petrol a depleting resource is not what we want. Destroying homes, to widen roads is not a solution… increasing public transport, ensuring the PPR usage, building underpasses to create signal free traffic and monitoring the number of cars a family can have …are a few of the things the BBMP needs to do….not make this garden city a city of roads.

    With all due respect statements like plenty green in bangalore is very ignorant.

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