Major issues in BBMP’s online system

Multiple issues plagues BBMP's online tool for property tax payment.

I was glad when I saw the new link in the BBMP site for online tax payment. However I was disappointed with major issues that exist.

First,  I am not able to generate form IV after making online payment of tax.  I always get the message "unable to connect to server".

Second, the system displays a message to collect the original signed receipt from ARO. I understand from the local ward office at Lazar Road that ARO has not received connectivity for generating receipts for online payment. This is another disappointment.

In another case,  I generated Form IV for another property to experience how it works. The application asked for cheque details and generated the form with application number. When I went to the concerned ward office belonging to Benaganahalli ward to pay the tax, I was asked to buy a form and fill it up and pay the tax. I don’t understand why the process has not been implemented properly. What is the use of generating the application online and then we are required fill up another form manually at the ward office.

My experience with the online payment system has been disappointing. Can BBMP review this process and make thing easy for Bangalore citizens?


  1. Abhijeet Chakraborty says:

    Wow! I would think twice before paying taxes online. But Mr Ferrao, there is one positive feedback on BBMP’s new initiative. Please read this blog:

    Mr Ravi posted this on 13th July. He used this last week. I guess the website is pretty slow and moody too.

  2. Divya Harave says:

    Yes, I have had numerous issues with it too. We paid our property tax last year before the SAS came into play and now I cannot pay online nor does it reflect the non-SAS users’ requirements. Also, its very slow and connects like once in 10 times..I guess its a good start but it has a long way to go before it can actually be called “useful” 🙂

  3. S Srinivasan says:

    I tried the On Line Payment system just now and within a minute I could open the page . Probably the site has the usual initial hiccups . The delays at the Help centers can be due to different reasons such as power failures, defective computer systems, non availability of trained staff and failure to pay under the table !! I got my receipt from the usual Bill Book and not the computer print out. But I had trouble in getting new forms because I could not speak to them in Kannada !!

  4. FunnyGuy says:

    i piad m tax for two flat for period of six month,this time around it was easy to fill the form as i was given english form with addiotnal kannada form,i used the online generated form and fill in the form

    it wud have been better if they have accepted debit card thru netbanking

  5. H N SRIKANTIAH says:

    b/sir,It is really difficult to understand why the BBMP tax collectors at KATRIGUPPA branch[where the collect tax for ward number 54]refuse the tax form[collected during MARCH/APRIL while paying tax for 2008=2009].They asked me to take the new form for making payment of tax for2009-2010. Pl let me know whether this is correct or wrong immediately. When checked at ward office ’55’ they told me that I can use the old get it clarified. Thanks.

  6. S Srinivasan says:

    Reply to Mr.Srikantiah,
    The old form has been replaced with the new Forms IV and V . If there is no change in the usage of your home or any additions, use Form IV . The tax calculation is the same as in 2008-09. The Data given by you in the Form in 2008-09 is already in the Revenue Records against your name and hence the need for revised ones to suit for the years 2009-10. Kindly browse through the website and go through the steps to see your details under ” To Know your Property Tax Details for the year 2008-09.”


    How I wish I had seen this link before I paid my tax on line. I paid my tax through my credit card on 11.07.09 and an error message was received. However, I got the SMS alert from my bank for using the credit card and I also find the debit in the statement. But, I am unable to generate the receipt since I have not noted the current application form number. No response to messages sent to BBMP site and the messages sent to are not being delivered. The help centre officer has no idea about solving on line problems. It looks as though I have to run around BBMP office.

  8. Shinoj B says:

    I paid the prpert tax online on 24th July and the amout was gone from my accout on 26th. The last credit card staement also shows that the amout is credited to BBMP.
    But last week I got a call from BBMP that they have not received the money from bank and I need to pay a DD with 150/- fine added to the original amount.
    I am getting no response from the email support or from the person who called me.
    I am confused how to proceed !
    Did anyone face similar issue?


    Since BBMP did not respond to any of the mails, I went to their office recently and I was pleasantly surprised to see the cordial / polite reception and guidance to the correct department. I was given the receipt within 5 minutes with quite a few apologies thrown in. I had my own doubts whether I am in BBMP office or some MNC’s office. Long live such nice people of IT department in BBMP.

  10. S Srinivasan says:

    A suggestion to all. Please keep a xerox copy of your Application Form for Tax Payment which you have filled,before submission. The rules are confusing and even the higher authorities are not giving any correct info. They direct you to the Revenue officials only. Do not contact any Clerical staff directly, otherwise you may be asked to pay more including under the table !!
    When the next time for Tax payment comes, please watch out for clear guide lines in the columns of Citizen Matters before filling up the forms. You will have one month time to pay without any penalty.
    Please note the present Ward and Street No. correctly where your property lies/assessed.

  11. punarvi s karnad says:

    This is with reference to Mr. THYAGARAJAN PARAMASIVAN’s comments:

    I faced exactly the same problem day before yesterday, and the worse part is, I managed to note down the application no. but when i go the link which says reprint your receipt, and when i enter the application no., it says the receipt was not generated.

    It’s ridiculous..!! we have million problems, but not a single solution for any of them..

  12. punarvi s karnad says:

    In continuation to my previous mes. I got in touch with one Ms. Jayanthi- 9480683198 (keep trying, since most of the time, the no. is busy..) She will help you get a receipt, if you let her know your 2008-09 Application No., in case you were unable to get the receipt at the time of payment.

    Hope this helps!

    Punarvi S Karnad

  13. S Srinivasan says:

    There is something fundamentally wrong with BBMP Tax Collecting System. Despite my letters to the Commissioner and discussions with DC Revenue, the points raised by me have not been answered still. There are many faults in the entire computing software and issue of receipts. Nobody seem to take cognisance and rectification of the errors. Honest tax Payers are running from pillar to post to pay the taxes. As an example, myself and my friends paid excess amount as Tax for the year 2009-10. It happened because of the clause that Depreciation is allowed only once in 3 year block period. We did recalculation without taking into account the depreciation value . Later we were told by DC Revenue Mr.Vasanth Rao orally that this excess amount can be deducted in the 2010-11 Tax payment. I was also told that as long as there are no changes in the construction and occupation of the property, the Tax payable for each year will be the same as in 2008-09. This is despite their own clause that the depreciation can be claimed only once in the block years.
    Fortunately, our applications were accepted with deduction of excess payments in this year and we got the hand written receipts also. One of my friends in BTM Lay out had to make atleast six visits to the BBMP collection Center/ARO and 2 visits to DC Revenue’s office. Atlast, his application had been accepted. This shows the utter irresponsibility of the officials/staff at various centers and rigid attitude towards tax paying public. Commissioner BBMP seems to be unaware of what is happening in the collection centers. I suggest he should make surprise visits incognito to understand the real plight of the Tax Payers and the reasons for non collection of taxes in time. Corruption has increased because of official apathy.
    I feel Media should take up this matter and force BBMP to review the System and performance at least for the next Block Year.

  14. Venkataramani says:

    I paid my property tax (for House) thru net some time back. When I paid I did not get my online receipt. I thought it was not successful. Immediately ( after half-an-hour) I tried second time and did all similar to my first time and was waiting for the receipt. I got the receipt/s not only for the first payment but also for the second payment. That means I paid it two times for the same house. Now How can I get the money paid in excess. Can somebody help me out… ?

    – thanks – ramani – Pl. post your reply to the mail id:

  15. Nagaraja Magonahalli says:

    I fail to understand IT companys located in Bangalore are taking up Bpo operations of MNcs world over, completing the tasks very successfully and getting more and more projects. However, our on-line propert tax payments for owners in Bangalore is yet to be stream lined over 3 yars of experience. In large number of cases tax has been paid but system says ‘not paid’ ‘arrears’ ‘penalty’ ‘interest’etc Ironical!

  16. gopal rao says:

    Sub: Dried tree by the side of road 10th main 3rd cross vidyaranyapura, bng-97 posing threat to pedestrian-reg.

    Repeated efforts informing Police stn,
    bbmp and forest department of bbmp,to cut the tree did not materialize.The tree poses a threat and needs urgent address.Whom should we approach on this matter.Request advice.
    v.gopal rao

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