BBMP publishes defective property tax payers list

BBMP website updated with list of property owners who have paid the property tax for 2008-09, but this list contains errors and the site itself is cumbersome to use.

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has released a list of  property owners who have paid the property tax for their properties for the year 2008-09 on their website. I do appreciate the efforts they have put to collate the enormous amount of data, but the list is defective in several aspects.

It is very difficult to locate one’s name in the list due to the following reasons:

Mismatch in addresses

The ARO office, the Ward Name and the Street given in the website do not match with what was given in the property tax application form. The result is that you may possibly get a message that the report is not available under the specified combination of ARO, Ward and Street when you try with the information you used filing taxes.

Brigade Millennium apartments at Puttenahalli are listed under Arekere ARO and Arekere Ward.

My apartment is in Uttarahalli Main Road in Chikkallasandra (Ward No. 29) under earlier Rajarajeswari CMC. After several trials, I located my name under Subramanyapura ARO, Subramanyapura Ward (Ward No. 62) , Chikkallasandra and Chikkallasandra Road. Apartments in our complex are shown under these two lists ! I do not know how we were listed under Subramanyapura ward and Chikkallasandra Road.

To find out your name in the list of Property tax payers follow the steps given below:
1. Go to BBMP website
2. On the home page under the Property Tax section click on ‘Property Tax paid by Tax payers for 2008-09
3. This will lead you to the property tax payee list tool. This link tells you how to find out you name.
4. You will have to enter your ARO office, Ward name and street name to get the results.

BBMP has not used the standard postal addresses and the exercise has been done using incorrect classifications of AROs and Wards.

One of my neighbours’ name doesn’t seem to be present though he had paid the taxes in time. There may be many more such errors in the lists published.

In addition, the list of those who have not paid taxes does not contain those from the erstwhile CMC areas.

Software issues

In the website, the drop down menu options are not displayed immediately after selection. It does not show the concerned areas under each ward. The downloads take a lot of time and sometimes they fail.

The software needs to ask for only name of the property owner, application form number, and location as per postal address. Then it should display the data concerning that property only. Where is the need to display the entire list of property tax payees? The privacy of the property owner is totally lost in this approach.

The software developers should have tested their product before releasing to the public.

Efforts to reach BBMP officials have proved futile. I hope that BBMP will rectify these errors at the earliest so that the same are not carried forward.


  1. Sourav L says:

    I paid tax on 28th Feb 2009. My name has been publicly published in the “Not Paid” list. I wonder what the BBMP commissioner has to say about this when he was so quick to file a defamation case against the Lok Ayukta.

  2. FunnyGuy says:

    i am trying to open the list,but its asking me to save the file,

    they need to see wether its working properly or not

  3. raghunath says:

    can you help me with the information on the projects sanctioned including funds allocated/put to use and who are all the contractors by any of the government departments for puttenahalli in general and navodayanagara in specific also can we have information on work order terms and conditions and status quo of the same.

  4. Srinivasa says:

    We paid our tax PROMPTLY on 17-March-2009. However, our name is listed in the “TAX NOT PAID” list. I sent an email to and also to but all they said is they will look into it. Nothing has happened for more than 2 weeks now. In fact, ALL the people on M.S. Ramaiah Road (Yeshwantpur, Jalahalli ward-2) have been included in the NOT PAID list. I know for certain that many of them have paid (including us) rpoptly.

    Will BBMP wake up and correct the problems.

    Also, there are a number of spelling mistakes made in our names, our addresses etc, compared to the absolute sale deed we have. When we go to the BBMP office, they want some money to correct the MISTAKES MADE BY BBMP. It appears to me that the BBMP people DELIBERATELY make those mistakes so that they can collect bribes from unsuspecting citizens.

    As News9 says, GET WELL SOON, BBMP!!

  5. S Srinivasan says:

    BBMP has introduced a procedure to find details of Tax paid in 2008-09 in Search for Property tax details by Application/PID/Khata/Survey No .
    By this , you can find your Revenue record . Searching through ARO / Ward / Street may lead you nowhere since your details might have been registered in a different location. There is no answer to my queries to BBMP regarding the manner in which the ward Nos etc have been changed without any prior intimation t the tax payers.

  6. Nandha Kumar says:

    I have paid 2009-10 tax via Checque in the Tax Collection Centers. This data does not reflect when checked online. The application number is not at all recognized. The whole purpose of BBMP going online is defeated and it only gives enough room for the officials to squander money from the innocent people.

  7. Nandha Kumar says:

    I paid my 2009-10 in one of the Tax collection centers and have a valid application number and the receipt. When checked online for the account number, the application does not recognize. The whole purpose of BBMP going online is defeated and gives enough room for the officials to squander public money.

  8. Ashish Kumar says:

    Corrupt tax inspectors are trying to make money even for payment of property tax by playing all sorts of tricks. One such person is tax inspector Siddappa in HSR layout office, who will go to any extent to extract some money. He demands 500/- Rs for filling of the tax payment form. God only can save Bangalore from such corrupt guys.

  9. Rangesh says:

    Agree with Ashish who has commented here. Bangalore has lot of corrupt tax inspectors. I have a bitter experience when I approached BBMP to pay my property tax for my proerty in RustamBagh Gardens(behind Manipal Hsptl). THey say that the records have not been transfered to them (from CMC Mahadevapura, which my property was controlled). He tells me to pay tax for all past three years, inspite of me showing the tax paid receipits. The WORST part is this IDIOT telling me that they levy an interest on the so called “UNPAID” amount. Could I request someone who had simillar experience to enlighten me please.

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