Get set, vote!

Elections are scheduled on this Thursday, Apr 23 for Bengaluru. Be prepared - check your names on the rolls, learn about the candidates and find your polling booth.

To find your name in the voter roll
Check the Chief Electoral Officer’s site and search for your name in final electoral rolls for the upcoming elections.

» Find your name in the Bangalore electoral rolls for Lok Sabha elections 2009.

Try various spellings for your name. Try searching by assembly constituency or by pincode. The results show the your name, part no, serial no and age.

Other sites like One Billion Votes and Google Lok Sabha Elections portal are also providing search feature. (Note we have not verified the accuracy of their information)

You can also see the final rolls (pdf files) on the CEO website.

» See the complete Bangalore electoral rolls for Lok Sabha elections 2009.

You still need to know your assembly constituency to access the list. E.g. to get Jayanagar, you need to click on BBMP (district). In each AC, there are a number of parts. Click on the part no. to get the rolls for your area. The voter roll document mentions the area that is covered in the specified part and the details of the polling booth for that part. It also contains the details of the 1000+ voters in that part.

Note: voter rolls uploaded are in Kannada and may still have discrepancies with the search results on the site.

Know about your candidates
Citizen Matters has published in depth interviews with many of the candidates.There have also been lots of public debates between candidates too.

»  See Bangalore candidate details for Lok Sabha Elections 2009.

The complete list of candidates and their affidavits, criminal records and other details are available in various sites like Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka,, Smart Vote, One Billion Votes etc.

Find your polling booth
Polling stations are usually set up in government schools or other public offices. There is normally a polling booth within a couple of kilometres of every voter. The voter roll pdf of your part will mention the polling booth.

UPDATE: The CEO website contains the list of polling booth for every part (in Kannada)

» Select your constituency and part no. here for Bangalore Lok Sabha Elections 2009  

Your constituency will be part of BBMP, Bangalore Urban or Bangalore Rural districts. Select your assembly consituency to see the list of polling booths. For example, Jayanagar polling booths are listed here. The part number for your voter registration will give the polling station you need to visit for the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections.

UPDATE:  Janaagraha has shared a list of polling station details with us, this contains the details for 16 Assembly Constituencies in BBMP district.

»  Download the document with polling booth details for 16 BBMP areas

Alternatively you can use a tool from the One Billion Votes campaign to find your polling booth.

» Find the polling booth list for Bangalore Lok Sabha Elections 2009.

Last but not the least
Take a photo id/address proof. Keep your EPIC voter id card handy. If you do not have an EPIC, you can use any of the following official documents like PAN cards, driving licences, passports etc.


  1. Arun Kumar says:

    Hi. Could you let us know what the timings are for voting? Am unable to find it on any website currently and am sure lots of citizens would wish to know.

    Thanks, Arun.

  2. Vaishnavi Vittal says:

    Dear Arun Kumar
    You can vote anytime between 7 AM and 5 PM.

  3. Sriram Narayanaswamy says:

    I used the link to find my polling station(I live at Bellandur Gate, Akme Harmony apartments on Sarjapur Outer Ring Road), but the link that has been provided here didn’t yield any result.

  4. Editors says:

    You can get the polling station information from the CEO website. Please see the updated explanation above.

  5. S.P.Swamynathan says:

    Apr 23RD 2009, has gone. See what is the percentage of vote casted. Very Very pathetic a mere 45% in Bangalore. With all the media both visual and audio, nobody can move the general public to go to the polling booth. The public thinks that there is no use in voting. I do not think it will ever improve unless some drastic measures are taken for enforcing voting as compulsory, I dare say the present day politicians will never have the guts to bring about such a legislation. In the EVMS make NOTA (None of the above) as one of the options and people may come forward to vote to show their anger and frustration

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